Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A couple'a downtown days

Tuesday and Wednesday of last week were crazy-town in the very best ways. Our field trip was to the Central Library in downtown LA and then to the Grand Park splash pad in front of City Hall, one of my favorite adventures from last summer that I knew I wanted to repeat this year. I'm a sucker for the energy and excitement and beauty that is found when you're surrounded by skyscrapers so I was just living my very best life. We splash-padded the heck out of that place and then when I was sure we weren't going to get stuck in rush hour traffic (and I was sure we had taken full advantage of our flat-rate parking spot) we headed home to the Century City Mall, of course, to take full advantage of Chik Fil A's free meal offer. I hate cooking and I hate dishes so even though we were all pretty beat this was a total no-brainer. The kids were stoked to get their own meal, with ice cream to boot, and I ate my waffle fries in sweet silence. It was wonderful!

If you think we got our downtown fill on Tuesday you are wrong! The very next morning we found ourselves there once again, this time for a $1 movie showing and 7/11 free slurpees with friends. If you haven't gotten the memo, we Wigs love our free fun! And doing those things downtown, all the better. 

The murals outside the children's section of the library are incredible. Each wall is painted with unique and cultural art. I just love it!

 It's hard to see but the chandelier is a globe and the zodiac animals are surrounding it on all sides. It's amazing!

 My boys could sit and read for hours. (I wish I could too!)

This children's section puts every other library to shame, I'm willing to bet. I've visited a whole lotta libraries and this one is just in a league of its own.

 Everett found an Everett sign!

 Such a simple, beautiful splash pad that kept them occupied for hours on end.

The girls with City Hall.

 And here's the crazy boys!

 Sister shot, haha!

The cutest cows I've ever seen! Sometimes it totally pays to live in an area lacking families. There was no line at Chik Fil A and my kids were adored by all of the workers. I love Chik Fil A so much, this may be in the running for my favorite holiday. 

Movie time!!! We saw the Peanuts Movie and even though it's at least a year old, I had never seen it. It was so adorable! I pinpointed which character each of my kids could play and it was hilarious.

aaaaaannnnnndddddd...free slurpees! I almost got in line for Build-a-Bear the next day but then I thought better of that crazy plan! Two freebies in a row is good enough for me...at least this week!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Another perfect beach day

The girls thought it was hilarious to dig themselves into the sand and then get pummeled during high tide, the boys (plus Zoey and Coco) built a sand-land for the books and us Moms gabbed and ate and even boogie-boarded our way through the seven hours we spent on the beach. Ugh, is it Friday yet? Beach days are the best days!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Tomatoes, by the week.

I stopped taking pictures nearly a month ago, but those tomato plants now reach high over the fence and our crop is plentiful. I'm so proud of James for nurturing his little seedlings until they turned into such robust tomato plants. Hooray for a summer garden! 

June 10, 2018

June 3

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 April 29

April 20

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Independence Day

I woke up to a husband under my roof (you get me? NOT. AT. WORK!!!) who was making Patriotic Pancakes. Let freedom ring, indeed!!!

Nothing to see here, totally normal family of six!!!

We treated the kids to Incredibles 2 and they were soooo stoked. It was pretty hilarious, especially baby Jack Jack. Our own little two-year-old had lazors shooting out of her eyes as well, it just happened when anyone wanted to share her Sprite! We had a great time.

We ended the day with a BBQ with all of our buddies at the ballfield and then watching fireworks on temple hill. I love this city we live in; this state; this country. It was such a wonderful day celebrating all of the freedom we are blessed with and that so many brave people have fought, and continue to fight for. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Our only pricey field trip of the summer was to Kidspace, a children's museum in Pasadena that I've been so excited to try out. The prices really aren't that horrible, but compared to free (which is usually what we stick to) it cost a pretty penny. The kids had fun inside the buildings but spent most of their day in the back wading through this beautiful man-made stream and building sand castles. They also really liked the bike area and racing around the track together. I have a hunch that they could do just about anything with this group of friends and be satisfied, but this museum really was a winner!

The next three pictures are begging to be named. I'm thinking "Mommy Issues" or "Threenagers". Seriously all I said to my happy, smiling girls was, "Can Mommy take your picture?" and this is the reaction I received! You can't make these things up. 

That middle one though, smh.

Kidspace for the win!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Gotta Catch 'Em All--Ev's Pokemon Party

Everett LOVES Pokemon, so it only fit that he have a mega, ultra, rare and super valuable Pokemon birthday party! We invited over a bunch of his closest buddies for games, food and some water fun (and of course Pokemon trading--you should have seen these little negotiators!) Everett was just so fun to celebrate this year and was truly in love with every little detail of his birthday party and so grateful! He has such wonderful friends and it really was such a joy spending the morning with them. It also helped sooooo much that my friend Rachel took my girls when she dropped off her son and I'm not kidding when I say it made the morning a trillion times easier! We kept it simple, but had so much fun. Here are a few of the highlights:

We played Pokemon headbandz while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. 

Food table, just waiting on the Pokeball pizza. The large Pikachu balloon was a huge hit and such an easy way to decorate.

Favors were a Pokemon cup with a few candies, a Pokemon blow toy and a water squirter inside. You would have thought I gave each boy gold they were so excited!!!

Front door welcome sign became the new door candy for the boys. Such a cute free sign I found online.

We played who can keep your Pokemon up in the air the longest, which was made infinitely harder when I ran around as the bad guy trying to knock their balloons to the ground!

They had to "catch" Pikachu by throwing pokeballs (wiffle balls) and knocking him over. They kept lining up again and again because they thought it was so much fun.

Pizza's are here!!! Thanks Domino's, you're always our go-to!

Most of the kids freaked out like you would not believe about olives touching their pizza but hey, it made for a cute picture and I brushed all of them off before serving the boys!!!

What started as a water balloon toss...

Quickly morphed into a full out water fight. I'm told they were pretending to the Squirtle, but I can't be positive that I understand anything they're talking about when speaking Pokemonese. 

And then it was time for this rowdy crew to sing happy birthday and eat cake. Everyone loved the Pokemon party and I had so much fun helping Ev to celebrate. We love you Ever Knight, every last Pokemon-loving inch.