Friday, October 21, 2016

TWO cute, TWO fun, TWO awesome, TWO perfect

Quinny Girl had the birthday of her two-year-old dreams (and maybe my 31-year-old dreams as well!) It was all things 'rella, because what the birthday girls wants the birthday girl gets and this has been her unchanging request for weeks. We had a park day picnic party with some of her favorite pals, and on the actual day of her birthday we hung out as a family, ate lots of good food, played with all of her new toys and had the greatest time ever. Oftentimes after a special event I have my lists of things that went well and things that could have gone a little better--but the latter list didn't exist this time around. Quinny's birthday was a total success and she deserved every last ounce of fun experienced during this long weekend.

Thank you pinterest, take one.

Thank you pinterest, take two.

So many great little friends in this picture! I love "Shasha's" face!

Quinn didn't touch her cupcake until the very end of her shindig, but she was all over her "birfday owives." Such a sweet, savory-loving thing!

Couldn't have had any fun at the party (or in life) without Melissa. She is the absolute greatest person and friend and I can't say enough good things. And despite her face, neither can Cora!!!

I wanted Quinny to take this exact picture, but she wouldn't dream of doing something I asked her to do...but Annie girl made my picture dreams come true!

Loads of little friends.

Finally trying her cupcake! Not bad!

Yay for birthdays! And princesses! And presents! And ebay! And celebrating a little girl! Especially when that little girl is as awesome as Quinner!

These new toys are worth their weight in gold. It's been a few weeks since Quinny's birthday and I'm not kidding she plays with these every. single. day. Best toy ever if you ask me. Also the deal of the century...I'm so proud of this find!

Opening presents! Her reactions were priceless.

Our little 'rella in her brand new 'rella dress!

And lest you think her birthday was totally proper and princess-like, here's the real deal wrestling match that was going on by the end of the day. And of course, Quinn is on top! Love that spicy little friend. Love you so much Quinny Girl!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Picking Real Washington Apples!!!

Noni and Grampa have the greatest friends who shared their farm with us for a day so that we could pick apples and berries, pet their dog and feed their horse, and ooh and ahh over all of their amazing art pieces. Washington attracts such talented people, and this couple is proof of it!

So tired from picking, peeling, cooking and eating apples. Oh wait, just kidding. She's tired from watching the baseball game!!!

The pictures below are what this trip was all about. I'm so glad we got to spend so much time with my Noni and Grampa and that the kids were able to give them lots of love (and vice versa).

Saying goodbye is the worst. These smiles quickly turned to tears when we had to leave. I was right there with them, crying like Cora in her carseat.

Seattle from the ferry!

We got to grab a quick hug on the beach from my great friend Tracy and it was SO nice to see her. She's one of the greatest friends I've ever known and it's been so great to see each other here and there since our time in NYC. Since leaving Washington we've gotten to visit again, only this time in Los Angeles--luckiest us!

We also stopped by and grabbed a hug from my old college roommate Tiff. I wish her kids weren't at school and I wish her husband wasn't at work and I wish we had more than a ten minute nurse break to catch-up, but it was so good to see her and her darling home and the life she's created for her family. I've been so blessed to cross paths with some of the world's finest, and Tiff is definitely on that list!