Thursday, September 21, 2017

While the boys are away, the girls will play

Quinn was supposed to go to preschool this year. That is to say, I was totally planning on sending Quinny to preschool this year...until I wasn't. 

My wild and mature-beyond-her-two-years little sassafras misses the cut-off by a month to attend preschool with all of her three-year-old besties and both of us were super bummed to be separated from our normal crew. To be honest, I was mostly super bummed not to send her with all of her friends because I thought maybe a little bit of Mommy/Quinny space would do us good and I was practically salivating over the potential silence. I started looking into two's programs all around the city as a next-best-scenario and as much as I wanted them to work I just didn't feel good or calm or happy with any of the options. Some were too expensive, others too daycare-ish, and some were practically perfect but you know what? none of them felt right. I couldn't shake the feeling that sending her to a third year of preschool exclusively for my quiet time (without feeling great about the actual school) was not the right answer and kept praying and thinking and discussing and hoping that the answer to Quinny's preschool conundrum would be made clear. 

Then about a month before school was set to start I had a strong feeling that I needed to keep my girls close this year. In almost an instant my thought process went from "I need some space!" to "I need to cherish this time!" I guess my mind finally caught on to the reality that this year will be the last one EVER spent with all three of us girls playing and adventuring our days away. Next year Quinny will definitely start preschool and like clockwork Cora will start the year after that and wow, this parenting thing sure goes by fast, doesn't it? This year will be my attempt at slowing down the clock and really savoring these little girls and our time together. Adventuring with kids these ages was a dream with the boys and I hope to have just as much fun with my little ladies.

So here's to a little bit of "Mommy School" and a whole lot of fun this year! May everyday be as carefree and beautiful as the one pictured above when my pig-tailed blondie and chicken-fuzz brunette spent hours splashing about in our brand new pool. I just love them.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


There's nothing much to say except that my dream of two plus years came true in Hollywood on September 9th--JAMES AND I SAW HAMILTON! I had to "wait for it" and luckily I didn't throw away "my shot" (even though resale on my tickets had potential to make me bank) so when I was finally in the "room where it happened" holy hannah was I grateful to be "satisfied"!

OK, OK, I'll "take a break" from the Hamilton references. Or maybe I won't and they'll keep coming at you "non-stop"! Oh geez, I can't help myself. 

I've been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat for years now and I have every word to every song memorized. I'm obsessed, really truly obsessed, so when a member of the ward helped me secure tickets a few months ago I couldn't quit the giddiness and I've been anxiously awaiting the day ever since.

The show did not disappoint and the actors definitely knew how to "blow us all away". I was nervous that there would be a letdown because I had hyped it so much in my head but actually seeing the characters interact and dance and their facial expressions brought the songs to life even more than they already were. Mark my words, I'll be telling "the story of tonight" for years to come. 

We started with our favorite Japanese place on Sawtelle, Hayama. I love me a California roll, especially at Happy Hour!

As King George sang "You'll be back" I couldn't help but think, I hope so! (For me going to Hamilton, clearly not for America going to Europe!) Oh what a beautiful, wonderful moment in time and one I wouldn't mind repeating again and again, even if only in pictures. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Their favorite type of fair with their favorite type of friends

Because why buy different books when we can be the mirror image of our besties?! Dog Man, Bird & Squirrel and Gorilla loves Vanilla for them, Dog Man, Bird & Squirrel and Gorilla loves Vanilla for us! Another successful year of buying their favorite book at our school's fair and lots of smiles to show for it.

And at the end of the week, these pajama-clad brothers had a blast at Bedtime Story Jam, one of my favorite events each year. While I passed out milk and cookies, they sang songs with Mr. Harrison and then listened to local authors read their works. So much fun (and so delicious!) 

Carwash for a cause

"Helping those in crisis and in need is not a program, it is who we are."

We got our car washed by the youth of our stake and all proceeds will go to the many people affected by Hurricane Harvey. The whole family was in the van on our way to a day full of soccer so the timing was perfect for a Wigginton family discussion on natural disasters, being charitable, and these amazing examples in our city of faithful, hard-working and Christlike youth. Helping others is who these kids are, no doubt, and also who I want to become.

Rootin for dem Dodgers

My specific instructions to James earlier this month were to immediately say yes if any Dodgers tickets offered by the partners were up for grabs and he totally did as he was told! Of course it happened to be on one of the craziest days and busiest nights and I had to find a fast sitter and cancel a few meetings, but hey, alls well that ends well and I ate a whole bucket of nachos with my hubby and no babies so it all ended well! (Except for the Dodgers, they lost...)

We are loving having Chase and Meghan in the city with us. They are always up for an adventure so when James told me we had four tickets we immediately knew we'd call them to tag along, and they immediately said yes. Hunter was a dream, I super embarrassed Chase by screaming his name when Chase Utley was up to bat and I just kept thinking of how amazing it could be to have family close as a permanent situation. Forget the baseball game, that's something to root for.  

Directly behind and a few rows up from home plate.

All for meeeeeeeeeee! Not sharing with whining kids and sitting to just enjoy a snack is such a luxury and almost made those $17 nachos worth it. Seriously $17 and scratch that, whatever the price it was worth it!

McKee's do fun food right!

Halfway through, so full, but determined to finish those yummy things!

And we totally did, minus the spicy jalapenos! They were so dang good I'd totally do it again!

Chase is the real boss and finished his all by himself, jalapenos and all. 

Sweet Meghan and her darling baby bump were loving hard on the ballgame spread.

We stretched and stretched through the 7th inning and then we bounced...which turned out to be fortuitous because the game lasted 11 innings (a full 75 minutes after we left) and the Dodgers lost. Womp, womp. But we didn't see it because we weren't there so for us the game (and this spontaneous date night) were nothing but a win!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Natural History and the Science Center

We had a day off of school and while the original plan was to go to the beach, the kids vetoed it in favor of a day spent museum hopping. There are few things I love more than a day by the water, but I think those little chicks of mine knew best in this instance. I mean, for one thing we were in the middle of a total heatwave in LA and 8 hours in museums meant 8 hours with free A/C--cha ching! Also, you don't have to wear sunscreen in a museum and not having to lather their bodies was such a gift to me you can't even imagine. Oh, and then there was the awesomeness of the Natural History Museum and the Science Center shared first with our McKissick friends and then our McKee cousins. I love that my boys can go to school and learn and grow but goodness it's nice adventuring with them by my side. I'm such a Summer Mom, I guess some things never change. 

We love friends! We love museums! We love days off of school!

Obviously this little exhibit hit home for me in the very worst way. Ugh!
We respect you...NOW GO AWAY!!!

Quinny only wanted one thing out of our museum visit, and she got it when she spotted a picture of her beloved Cheetah in the mammal area. That girl LOVES cheetahs!

These are probably the LOUDEST children in an elevator ever. So loud, SO LOUD!

The only thing that could make this fountain better is a free pass at jumping on in!

I just love these two pictures of my babies, especially little Coco always trying to escape!

T wanted to ride the bike in the sky and he said it was scary and awesome. I remember doing this as a kid in a children's museum in Seattle so it was fun to see him do it.

We were so glad that Chase, Meghan and Hunter met up with us after Chase was off of work, especially to see the Endeavour. Spaceships and space travel and space in general fascinates me and so this was really neat. 

Cora Sue at 15 months old

She's still a baby of many names. BA calls her Corabelle. To Evie and Quinn she is exclusively Coco. T calls her Little Nut, which stems from another of her nicknames, Coconut. I mostly call her Cokie Roberts, or shortened to Cokie (sometimes Diet Coke!) I also call her Cor and Cora Sue, even though she's really Cora Nicole. Maybe someday she'll be really confused about what her name really is, or maybe someday she'll love that we love her so much that we can't help but pile her with pet names.

At 15 months old our baby girl loves her bottle, her blanket and her binkie. Like, LOVES the three of those things more than anything in the world. She signs please and more, says Mama and buh-bye, and is super awesome at hollering and pointing until we guess what she wants to eat, or hold, or do. She likes to take my hand and lead me around the house and is starting to run instead of walk, which is always one of my favorite firsts. She has a mouthful of teeth and is finally a rockstar eater after a slow start. Her very favorite food is watermelon, but she also likes hardboiled eggs, black beans, cheese and fishies. She knows how to take off her shoes, her bow and her diaper so things are getting real toddlerish around these parts but we love our sweet Cora more than she loves her three b's, and that's a lot!!!

This was the first and last time she wore these little boots that were worn by both Avers and Quinny because she tore the zipper right off during Sacrament Meeting. Luckily I snapped a couple of pictures of her in them before they were placed (with a tear) in the trash. I can't believe how big my baby is!