Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

I took 63 pictures of Talmage today. 63 pictures. I'll admit it, I'm obsessed.
But how can I help it, he's such a cute little pumpkin!
Happy Halloween.
This picture reminds me of Taylor Swift in the video "Should've Said No." Ha!
Mr. T at our weekly playgroup.
All the toys in the world at his disposal and he was most interested in the refreshments!
We didn't even plan to make the same face. WOW!
He opens wide whenever he sees the camera hoping I'll get close enough for him to take a big bite!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank You Mrs. Tooth Fairy

I asked.
She delivered.
Thank you Mrs. Tooth Fairy!
(And thank you inventor of Tylenol!)

He was SO cooperative during the photo shoot. Actually, he just really wanted to eat the camera! The tooth is seriously like a little razor blade, no wonder he's been so miserable!

After pictures were taken, dinner was eaten, a bath was finished and clothes were on, the house, unfortunately looked like this:

(Today is laundry day--that's why you see clothes hanging from random places. And the toys and other stuff...just in a day's work!)

But instead of stressing about the craziness, we celebrated T's first tooth by sitting on the couch together. He chewed on my necklace, I admired his cuteness. I sang him songs. He jumped up and down. It was such a great end to the day. And after he went to bed, it only took me point two seconds to pick up the disaster. I'm glad we spent those few celebratory moments together!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

burLEIGH and ashLEIGH

The other day I saw this sign for burLEIGH street on one of my walks.
And it made me think of this girl--my amazing, beautiful, talented, intelligent sister
She spells her name in a unique way.
I love it.
Everytime I see a word spelled with LEIGH I think of her and it makes me happy.
Thanks for putting a smile on my face Ash.
You're great, I love you and I hope your day is going fantastically!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Night's Decoration...

...was tonight's dinner!

In the spirit of provident living, we ate Jack.

We couldn't put him on the doorstep (they don't really do the whole Halloween thing here like they do in the states) so I checked the source of all wisdom (AKA--the internet) and found a super simple pumpkin soup recipe.

Let me walk you through the steps:

Peel, seed and cube the pumpkin.

Cook the pumpkin (with 4 garlic cloves and 1 large/2 small onions) for 30-40 minutes in the oven.
Puree the pumpkin and put it in a pot with 4 cups veg/chicken stock.

Top with cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds.
Enjoy like the two of them did!

As I was playing Heather Homemaker in the kitchen today I thought back on a conversation I had with my Grampa about two years ago (it was actually on the night I cooked dinner for Jim for the first time). It cracked me up then, and put a smile on my face today!
Grampa: What are you doing right now?
Me: Cooking dinner for Jim.
Grampa: Of all the wonders in the world! the kitchen?!?
If he could've only seen me chopping pumpkin this afternoon. I'm working on my Domestic Diva status! Anyway, try making pumpkin soup. It's good!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Family Home Evening with my Mom's side of the fam is at the McKee home tonight and they are carving pumpkins (and my Mom, of course, has made yummy treats...they're SO lucky!) I was craving some pumpkin action myself, so I decided to share the idea. We had a blast and I hope they have some fun, fun, fun as well!

Are we even a little surprised that Talmage tried to eat the pumpkin? Nope, not at all!

A little Mommy/Daddy/Talmage/Pumpkin Lovin!
Unfortunately T didn't stay awake for the actual carving, but the two of us had fun!
So, my idea was to have a heart on top, and then a W on the bottom. It kind of looks like a big mouth and giant nose. I guess it wouldn't surprise you that it took me all of 3 minutes, start to finish!

Haha! We didn't have any candles so this is how we lit the pumpkin for the picture. I left my flash on (accidently) for this pic and Jimmy Boy got caught!
This is where our fine pumpkin friend currently resides. We'll see what tomorrow has in store for him!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I LOVE Autumn in Cambridge

It was a cool, crisp, wet Autumn day in Cambridge.

I am in LOVE with days like this.

I LOVE the beautiful leaves in a wide aray of vibrant oranges, yellows and reds falling from the trees. I LOVE the smell of fresh rain and the huge rainbow that stretched all the way across the sky (Jim said he's pretty sure it ended in Ireland with a pot of gold). I LOVE how everyone carries umbrellas, I especially like colorful patterned umbrellas. Mine is white with pink, brown and green polka dots--I LOVE it. I LOVE how everyone has to think of very creative indoor activities to keep themselves busy.

I LOVE that I got to spend this beautiful day with my two best men!

Here they are! We started at a movie. Aren't rainy days perfect movie days? Every Saturday morning the theatre plays a kid movie and allows families to come for cheap-cheap. This morning we watched Ice Age 3 (PS--movies come out in England about 3-4 months after they come out in America). Jim and I were mildly amused. Talmage wished there were more puppets singing about shapes, but it was a good activity nonetheless.

Me and Jim. Wet and walking through a park.

I really like him!

After the movie we went to the Cambridge Zoology Museum and showed Talmage some pretty old bones. Like that skeleton of a whale in the picture above. By the way, whales are real big.

And that is/was an African elephant.

Jim was really excited to show T this fossil, mostly because it was from Russia.

Look at him checking out that elephant seals choppers!

Aren't those boys cute!
I seriously had to dance in circles, jump up and down and make silly noises to get that reaction from the little one. Yep, I did all of that in the museum. You do what you gotta do.

After the museum, we went to a Family Society reception put on by the Graduate Union. It was really fun for us to meet other parents (and eat yummy snacks), and T had a blast. He played with this toy for a good 35 minutes. He's getting so big and really enjoys interactive toys. I have a date with Ebay tonight--hopefully I'll find some good stuff!

And this is what we love to see! Talmage slept like an angel on the walk home.

I LOVE days like this.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Letter to the Tooth Fairy

Dr. Mrs. Tooth Fairy,

I am in desperate need of your assistance. I know you are in the business of retrieving teeth, but I need one delivered...pronto.

Let me explain.
At just 3 1/2 months old, Talmage's first tooth was just below the surface. We not only saw the tooth, but his runny nose, irritability and constant slobbering sealed the deal for us...he was teething. Unfortunately that little tooth (plus two others) have now been "just below the surface" for four months, and this last week has been more than we can handle. He's biting, chewing, drooling, he has a runny nose and pink cheeks (but no temp, might I add), and the WORST part is he has transformed into "a little monster" (direct quote from a sister at church!) Please see below for the sad proof.

He did not enjoy library day today (which he usually adores) and his sobs left women all across the city giving me dirty looks for forcing my child to be outside when he obviously would rather have been indoors (little did they know that his rampage in the stroller was actually 20 times better than the scene we had this morning in the house). I told them the same thing a wise women always tells me, "He's teething!" I finally carried him, while pushing the stroller and holding an umbrella...neither of us were super impressed.

And so you see, Mrs. Tooth Fairy, that if I keep telling people his temper tantrums are due to teething he must eventually get a tooth. And since that seems not to be happening naturally, I'm hoping you can just drop off one of your extras (you must have like a million at least). You really, honestly have no idea how much I would appreciate it.
With gratitude and a hopeful heart,

Little Wiggy's Mama

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I don't know about you...

...but if that's true I am totally heading in that direction!

I love Sundays. I love Church. And right now, I love Cambridge.

Hope everyone's having a spectacular Sabbath.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


We spent the afternoon with our friend Brady on the River Cam. He is awesome and Talmage adores him! Punting was so much fun, and I must admit we really do live in a BEAUTIFUL city (and, I might add, we warmly welcome visitors!) The day was brilliant!

Talmage with his marshmallow life jacket before the adventure. He was seriously the talk of the River. Everyone was surprised and excited to see such a little guy enjoying the water!

Brady and T hanging out by our Punt, "Isabela."

James is enjoying a relaxing ride (for now at least!)

Me and T (with Brady pushing us down the River).

Before long, our little sailor was sleeping like a baby!

Jim took a turn at the reigns! I LOVE the red ivy on St. Johns College behind us. Gorgeous!

Now Brady's taking his turn to relax!

Here are a few amazing sites I couldn't help but share:

Our happy family after the ride.

He was all bundled up by the water so you couldn't see his SUPER cute outfit. Here it is! What a day, what a day. Thanks Brady, for sharing it with us!