Sunday, October 30, 2011

such a random post...

When I was growing up, my dad always had our rooms painted in cool and creative ways--especially my brothers' rooms. I remember at one time they had a sports room and my dad hand-painted sports players and then attached real balls (cut in half and filled with foam) to the wall. It was incredible. When they were really young they had the whole sesame street gang painted on their wall. There rooms continued to change as they grew older--Chase graduated to a spongebob room (which he had and loved until his late teenage years;) and Jordan had a Book of Mormon room (complete with a forest and monkeys). I don't know how my dad ever had the time or energy to complete these masterpieces. But he did. And I am SO grateful.

Because we move about every nine months, we can't (or rather, are smart enough not to) paint the walls in the boys room, but I really wanted their walls to be as cool as ours were. SO, when I found out we were having another boy I commissioned my dad to do some paintings on canvas that we could transport from place to place. I honestly don't think he could have done a better job if he tried. PERFECT! Just what I wanted. AMAZING! The boys room is done in a cars/trains theme and the 20X20 paintings my dad did are great.

While the paintings themselves are absolutely perfect, I think my favorite part is that he signed each of them. He told me that my mom made him sign them, and I'm so glad she did. I think it's so special that Pepa had a part in making their room awesome, and I hope they always know how much he loves them.

We went back to Happy Hollow last week and it was a great day. Talmage had fun on the old favorites (the firetruck ride 500 times in a row) and new favorites (the swings. only once. still semi-unsure how we feel about it!)

Evie's new favorite toy. He can spend up to 20 minutes in this baby at a time. Usually T will sit right next to him and play with him. It is so cute to see them interact. Sometimes, however, T gets a little upset when Evie pushes buttons by himself. It makes me realize that in no time I might have two little boys fighting over the same toys. I wish I could just freeze time right now. They are so sweet together.

I made "bones and blood" and "candy corn pizza" for dinner the other night. T is still a little too young to think it was really cool, but I pretty much thought I was the most awesome mom ever! I found the ideas on It is a great food blog that I will be visiting very often from now on.

The boys and I attend storytime at our neighborhood library each week. It is a 10 minute walk from our house, and Talmage has really enjoyed listening to the super-animated librarian read the books. He also likes that we check out 10-15 new books each week...and read them probably at least 5 times each!

This week we decided to mix it up a little bit, and we ventured to the Palo Alto children's library (a whopping ten minute drive from our house!) It was ginormous and gorgeous. They have one HUGE room called the treetop room that is just for young children. T and I spent almost an hour in there without being bothered...or more importantly without bothering anyone else. We'll definitely be going back.

T eats his ice cream with a fork. I gave him a spoon and he refused to use it. To each their own.

I volunteered to make chili for our ward party. I don't know what I was thinking. I am definitely not a domestic diva, and our ward is full to the brim with awesome chefs. I let T do the cooking, I used my Mom's famous chili recipe and luckily it was a hit. I doubled the recipe and gladly came home with an almost empty crock-pot. Next year, however, I'm going to sign up to bring dessert!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fear the Tree

Stanford Cardinals 65--Washington Huskies 21

It was an awesome game. We won by about a million points. I got to see Andrew Luck play in person after drooling over his amazingness on TV for months. We got to share the experience with my parents. Talmage had more sugar than any child should be allowed to eat--but it kept him entertained for the WHOLE game. Ev was a saint of a baby. The cotton candy at Cardinal Stadium was the best I've ever eaten in my joke. I can't wait to do this again soon.

Pre-game awesomeness:

Game-time awesomeness:

Funny story about this picture. In the middle of the 4th quarter the place really emptied out and Talmage was able to roam around our section. He informed me that he needed a new seat, and that I was not to follow him. Next thing I knew Mr. Independent was sitting behind this man, tapping him on the shoulder and saying, "Uh, this is my new seat." I rescued the man and brought Talmage back to our area, but two seconds later he left again, this time sitting right next to the man and watching the game with him. This man thought the whole thing was hilarious, luckily!

Our family with the tree...the REAL tree. Evie is going to be the tree for halloween (and T's going to be a Stanford football player) so we thought it'd be fun to get a picture with the real deal. Luckily Everett looked so cute in his outfit they let us go all the way down to the field! What a fun way to end an awesome game.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

My parents came down for a short weekend visit and as always, it was dreamy to see them. Saturday morning we drove to Half Moon Bay to visit a few different pumpkin patches. We left our house fairly early and we are super glad we did because we beat the warm weather and we beat the large crowd (by the time we left the pumpkin patch the place was swarming with people and the line of cars went all the way back to the freeway). It was SUCH a fun place--new family tradition for sure!

Me. My Mom. Evie Ev.

The ONLY picture we got of T smiling the whole trip.

Despite the lack of smiles, I think he did have fun. Pepa bought him pink popcorn, Mommy let him ride the train, he got to ride in Mema's van...what an awesome adventure! He also got to go in the bounce house, down a huge bounce-slide and on a fake pony ride.

Ev hated sitting with these pumpkins and uncharacteristically frowned the whole time. Poor kid. I still think he's the cutest pumpkin in the patch, frown and all.

My cute, cute, CUTE parents.

Such a cute place. Already can't wait to go back next year!

Monday, October 24, 2011

T and Ty

This last weekend we had our friends Ivan and Katie (and their cutie-pie Tyson) visit us from Sac-town. It was so much fun to see them and let our boys go crazy together. We toured campus, played in the courtyard and went to our favorite Palo Alto duck pond. We also went to the top of the Hoover tower, which just re-opened after months of construction. The view was amazing from the top, but Talmage just might have had a break-down when I wouldn't let him climb through the bars and jump off the tower. I'm such a mean mom, aren't I.

Katie is super talented and cute and I loved getting to know her better. Three quickies about her: she makes pregnancy look ridiculously adorable, she makes darn good pumpkin chocolate chip bread & she should start her own purse-making business. Seriously, she had the cutest purse I think I've ever seen and she made it. She's just awesome.

Tyson and Talmage both loved the duck pond in their own way. Tyson thought the whole thing was hilarious and would laugh hysterically each time a duck would eat the bread he threw. Possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen! It never got old and he couldn't stop laughing. He had us all smiling. Talmage, on the other hand, decided to have intellectual conversations with the ducks. "Hi ducks," he said. "How are you doing today? Do you like to eat bread ducks?" He is so cute and it was so funny.

Speaking of cute and funny...We interrupt this post with a random picture of Ev that I think is, well, cute and funny. Now back to the Tidwell's visit!

After visiting the duck pond we went out to the bay and visited our very own Stonehenge! At least it looked kind of like it...kind of. We also saw people wind-surfing, Talmage learned how to spit off the dock and Tyson picked up multiple pieces of duck poop thinking they were rocks. It was eventful for sure!

This photo-chain could have easily been titled, "Taking a decent picture of two two-year-olds is nearly impossible." I really wanted a picture with them together, and this is as good as it got! Talmage loved playing with Tyson, and I think Tyson liked it too...until they were playing football and Ivan taught Talmage how to tackle. It was all over from there!

Thanks for the visit you guys. Come back soon!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Slow down

It seems like this little fella thinks it's ok to grow up. Did I give him permission to do that? I mean, I am his mom and everything--it seems like I should have some kind of a say in this matter. But alas, he thinks otherwise. He keeps growing. I can no longer call him my newborn without getting those looks, as if people are saying, "newborn? really?" I call him my 3-month-old, but I fear that next week I will not be able to say that anymore either. I don't remember it going this fast the first time. I want to stop time for a second and just cuddle the guts out of this sweet baby. Gosh, I love him. And Evie, for my sake, please slow down just a little. I am enjoying every second of you, my second son. You are a precious spirit.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Red Barn

The boys and I visited the Red Barn, which is the student equestrian center on Stanford's campus. It is a huge stable where both students, and residents around the community, can board their horses (I'm not hip on my horsey language, hopefully that's the right way to say it!) We had heard it was an awesome place to visit, and it definitely didn't disappoint!
T is starting to REALLY cheese it up during pictures! At least he's not ignoring me like he's done for the last 2 1/2 years of his life when I try to take his picture. ;)

That is only one of the barns. I can't remember how many there were in all, but it was big and there were lots. There were also arenas where people were riding their horses, and jumping them. It was so cool to watch.

The people were SO nice. This man scooped T up in his arms and let him pet his horse. He actually took him into the horses stable ( cubby!) Talmage was 1/2 scared out of his mind, 1/2 super excited to touch him. I'm afraid he inherited his love/hate relationship with animals from me.

This super nice woman also let T get up close and personal with her horse. She said he was a magical horse, and although I don't think Talmage quite understood what that meant, he was still pretty excited. Until she asked if he wanted to pet the horse--at that point he ran away screaming, "I do NOT want to pet it." Oh dear.

This horse was the only one he felt totally comfortable with! And just in case it isn't clear in the picture, it's a statue! We loved visiting the Red Barn, and T's only complaint was that there were no cows, chickens and pigs. He kept saying, "Uh...And on his farm there was a COW. Not just horses!" So now I'm on the hunt for a farm with cows, and chickens and pigs!