Saturday, June 6, 2009

Talmage's Week FULL of Adventures

This week was super fun for our main man Talmage.

Papa and Joyce generously treated us to SUPER yummy Chinese food Monday night. Joyce said she has trying not to be selfish and hog Talmage, but she knew on this occasion she'd have him all to herself! After about 5 minutes she called Jim over to rescue her from our little acrobat. He is so active that her arms were super sore. Story of my life, every night I get in bed SO SORE from bouncing, rocking, feeding, picking up, putting down this nearly 15 pound bundle of joy. Anyway, it was fun. And who is loving the I love Mommy outfit!!!

Now that Uncle Chase is out of school, Talmage is loving spending some quality time with him as well. Here they are laying on the floor together watching Baby Einstein!

And boy did these boys LOVE spending some time together. My Uncle Jason and Aunt Tasha's kids came over to play on Thursday and we had so much fun. Bailey loved snuggling with Talmage (well, until he started screaming at least!) and Maisen and Aiden helped give him a bath. It was so cute, and they were super helpful! I hope all these boys grow up to be good friends.

And last but not least, Talmage saw his first movie in the theatre! On Friday, we went and saw UP and it was so good. Really, I laughed, I cried (unfortunately that is true-multiple times even!) all in a Disney animated masterpiece! And even better, the little angel child slept through the whole thing. We all really enjoyed it!

Peace Out to the White Stallion!

Sad day. The White Stallion has officially left our family. Silly as it may sound, I was really sad to see it go...and may have even shed a few tears! I guess it just means we're one step closer to peacin out ourselves!