Monday, June 27, 2011

A Date, A Parade, A Movie and A Mess

A Date:I went on a date with this handsome guy (my dad) last week to a delicious Thai restaurant. I LOVE Thai food, and the company was even better!

A Parade:

We went to the local 4th of July parade in our area and T sat through the whole two hours. He loved the cars (especially the red one that looked like McQueen), the horsies, the train and the firetruck.

A Movie:

We went and saw Cars 2 on Saturday and sadly (very sadly) we were disappointed. T's level of obsession for the first Cars is out of this world so we've been watching the trailer for this one for months. It was not as authentic as the first one, was too action-y, and didn't have the sweet message (or music) like the first. Oh well.

A Mess:

This is our living room right now. Yep. Awesome.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Swim Lessons

Talmage and I took Mommy & Me swim lessons and although I was afraid the phrase "Free Willy" might come out of people's mouths, it was actually a super fun experience (and luckily people spared the big ole pregnant lady any whale jokes!) T took the lessons at the same park that I took lessons when I was young, and my mom took lessons when she was young. Needless to say it was pretty special to be back.

T was a natural in the water, and his teachers actually asked me how many sessions he had done in the past. The session was 8 lessons over the course of 2 weeks. Everytime he got in the water I could see him improving. By the end, he was going under water and attempting to really swim all by himself. It was awesome!

Friday, June 24, 2011

In 'N Out & Park Smiles

My baby brother (who ps will never not be my baby brother) is working at In 'N Out and so we decided to go watch him work and get a bite to eat. He was BUSY and looked so darn cute in that little uniform. We were way proud of him. So proud, in fact, that after we ate our burgers in the restaurant we went through the drive-thru and ordered a milkshake so we could see him up close and personal. It was awesome!

Talmage was starting not to feel well and was being pretty tempermental about everything! Of course, Mema can always work her magic and get him to behave (um...can I get the grandparent manual please?) T and Mema picked out all of the little french fries, which obviously taste different and better than the normal sized ones.

Me and my pops enjoying some fresh pink lemonade. My only beef with In 'N Out (which I pretty much adore) is that their root beer has caffeine in it. It didn't used to. But now it does. Bummer. Good thing their lemonade is so darn good!

In other news, T and I are loving the sunshine and the parks in Cali. We were playing like mad yesterday and I was trying to get some pictures of his fun. Everytime I would bring out the camera he would say cheese, smile and move on with his next activity (without even looking at the camera!) I have some smiles, but no eye contact. Oh well, baby steps. He was excited though, and after one picture he said, "Mommy, I a good cheeser!" Yes, T. Yes you are!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One week to go...

One week from today we'll have a new, sweet little bundle of goodness in our family. I have been feeling pretty much every emotion in the world, but mostly I'm just so excited for him to join us.
I've been really bad at taking pics lately, especially with me in them, but I decided today that I should do one final documentation of my preggo body (today was the day mostly because I actually took a shower and did my hair--a rarity these days!) This is me from the front, obviously. You can't super tell I'm pregnant except that my belly button sticks out a good 8 feet. Awkward.

And the side shot. It'll be interesting to see how big this baby is. I'm definitely bigger this time than I was with T, but I've gained less weight. So we'll see. Mostly I'm just praying for healthy and happy...with at least a few rolls! Oh how I love rollie pollie babies!

The last few days I've been a little more tired than usual. My energy levels are definitely going down, down, down which is partly pregnancy related and partly related to having a very sick toddler. Summer colds=LAME! Poor T is running a sky high fever and then is so uncomfortable and upset he wants to lay on me all day and all night (read: the walking-oven-pregnant-lady now has a furnace lying on top of her). It's been interesting. He's also a little feisty when he's sick, a little more feisty that is, OK, he's like a big ball of feistiness!

I was telling my dad that I feel much more tired this go-around then when I was working full-time and he said, "Hey, you are working full-time and your job is much harder this time around." I smiled and kind of rolled my eyes and he said, "When did this scenario ever happen at your last job? You saying, 'OK employee, it's time to bring that contract to so and so. Employeeee. Emplo... Employee. Are you listening to what I'm saying? Listen to my words. Look in my eyes. Bring that contract to. Emp. OK. How about I help you bring that contract to so and so. It's OK. You can do it. Employeeee. How about you just bring half a contract...etc." I was laughing so hard by the end I was crying (or was I crying and that brought laughter?)

What I'm trying to say is, I'm tired...but I guess it comes with the job description! One week to go and the plot will thicken. Bring it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day 2011

Daddy was definitely spoiled by the little mister. He made him the cutest tie in nursery, picked out the card he wanted to give him (anyone else shocked that it was a Lightning McQueen card?) and not only picked out that wooden giraffe, but painted it all by himself. He was proud of himself, and Jim loved it!

My mom and I also made a delish dinner for Jim, my Dad and my grandpa.

This picture was taken as an afterthought, and really doesn't do the meal justice. But it was too good not to document! Filet mignon, red potatoes, roasted asparagus, french bread and wilted spinach salad (not shown). Uh...yum!

And we whipped up this little beauty for dessert. It was just as yummy as it was beautiful! Nothing but the best for these awesome dads!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Railroad Museum

We headed to Old Sac today to go to the train museum and it was AWESOME!

We pretty much ran around like crazy people from train to train. Talmage was so excited, he just couldn't hide it! He literally was squealing with delight and it made my day. But taking pictures, so not his priority. Oh well.

He especially liked this train. He thought it looked a whole lot like Chuggington! There was also a Thomas exhibit and play area. Yeah. Love.

There were a handful of trains that you could actually get inside. Do I even have to tell you that it was the best day of his life? I wish you could've seen his face.

It was probably something like this! (Translation: T trying to do the excited face he sees on his mom and dad all the time!) Hilarious. I love these boys so darn much. I can't wait to have another one!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Last Grad

My baby brother Chase graduated from high school last week, and I was so excited that I was home and could attend (I was in the MTC for Ash's and at BYU for Jord's). They have a morning, outdoor graduation and luckily mother nature had our back!

Me and the 'rents basking in the sunshine! Talmage went and played with GG and Chaya so I was relaxed the whole time and could actually pay attention.

I thought this was a pretty sweet action shot. What is it about graduations that make me all emotional? Or maybe it's being 9 months pregnant. Hmmm...

Mom and Dad with the big GRAD!

We had a little get-together after the graduation and I thought this cake was way too cute (leave it to me to photograph food, but skip out on people!) And believe it or not, we ate the whole thing. Maybe that had something to do with the seven (or was it eight) cupcakes that T consumed. Oh yeah, it was awesome.

Congrats Chase! And congrats Mom and Dad on your last grad (from HS at least!).

Friday, June 3, 2011

Our May in Cali

The last few weeks in California have been busy and awesome! We've loved seeing family, resting, and playing like crazy. The first few days back T was mostly just obsessed with running on the grass. Our poor deprived city son had never run on grass before, and has loved having a yard of his own! Here are a few more things we've been doing:

Taking naps with Uncle Chase:

Riding the train at the Fountains:

Playing at the water park:

Kate's high school graduation:

A Weekend with T's BFF, Cousin Kai:

The Local Farmer's Market:

Kai's 1st birthday party:

A weekend with Uncle Jordan:

Memorial Day Celebration:

Girls Night @ Leatherby's with Noni: