Tuesday, March 27, 2012

jelly belly boys

somehow these two pictures got left off of my last post. i know what you're thinking, "you posted 9 million pictures, and you still have some unposted ones?" my answer: yes i do. and aren't they cute?

Monday, March 26, 2012

.our weekend.

I took exactly 160 pictures in the last three days. 160. You will be happy to know that I did not include all 160 in this blog post. You will be sad to know that I did include about a third of them. What can I say, we spent the weekend in Sacramento and I actually remembered my camera and I actually brought it out when photo-worthy stuff was happening. Yeah me. Sadly, this post does not include the cutest cousin bath picture you have ever seen because I could not figure out how to make it modest. Bummer. Literally.

The main reason for our weekend away was because my little brother Chase went through the temple for the first time, and our whole family came in for the occasion. Us from Palo Alto, Ash and Kai from Idaho, Jord and Maddie from Utah...all four of us siblings were together and it was awesome. But of course we didn't get one picture of us all together. Here we are at the temple, but Jordan had just left.

Little Chasey is so cute. All I wanted to do was kiss his sweet little cheeks. I am the oldest and he is the baby and he will be leaving for 2 whole years soon. You would think he'd understand my plight and let me have one picture kissing his cheeks. But no. Rude. I can almost hear him saying I should consider myself lucky for having a picture with him at all. Oh brother.
He did allow me to take some goofy pictures with him though. And he does kind of look like an adult lately, which is kind of weirding me out. And he's so happy he's glowing.
Jim. Chase. And me. Papa and GG watched the boys and although I was super nervous about leaving Evie (the first time since surgery) it went really well and he was smiling and happy when I got back. Thank you, thank you for watching them and letting us have a temple date!
My padres with Chasey. It was so special to be together as a family--especially in the temple. We only wished Logan could have been there--we missed you Uncle Gogo.
After the temple we bought out Wonderful Chinese and feasted on every delicious Chinese delicacy imaginable. Yum. I think I ate my share. And Evie's. And maybe T's too since he's a picky pants.
Luckily I got a picture of Jordan and Maddie at home since I missed them at the temple. They are adorable, no?
Remember her? My favorite sister Ashleigh. It goes without saying that I'm kind of obsessed. Even when she bans me from posting hilariously amazing pictures of us laughing so hard we're cross-eyed and have nine chins.
Him smooching me.
Mema is the best, just ask Talmage or Kai. They pretty much hang on her every word and beg to be held by her. They also will eat just about anything she gives them.
Ashie and Evie cuddling outside in the "cold."
Jordan is way heavier than he looks. I tried to give him a piggy back ride and couldn't move. Maddie, you're amazing.
Kai kept saying "chase" and then sitting on this stone. I would run after him (to chase him) and he'd start crying and say "chase" again. I was so confused, until I realized he was saying "cheese!" The little poser wanted me to take a picture of him, and he sat down on that stone with a big smile on his face so I could do it. I LOVED every second of it.
Speaking of Chase, here he is wrestling with his nephews. They LOVE him. Really, really LOVE him.
I tried to be the fun aunt and take the boys to this little carnival at the mall. Epic fail. Kai was too short to ride any of the rides (except for the carousel) and sobbed. I don't blame him. But how am I supposed to be the cool aunt if he cries on my outings?
Pepa and T on the train ride. Tell me why Kai couldn't ride that ride with an adult. Ridiculous. Anyway, those two had a good time at least!
We saw two movies--the Lorax with all the kids and the Hunger Games with Jord, Mad and Chase. Loved both of them, although T spent a good majority of the Lorax scared of the Onesler and tree-murdering and I spent a good majority of the HG scared of that guy from District One and teenager-murdering. Yikes.
The goodbye this morning could not have been sadder. Why don't we live closer to cousins? Kai sobbed and kept calling out for T. Talmage would go back and give him a hug, then a kiss. They are so cute together--even when Talmage is Mr. Bossy-pants and yells at Kai about everything.
We went to Great Papa's house and it was so nice. We love him, and as you can see Talmage was excited to be there! We got to visit and catch up, and see Uncle Buck.
Uncle Buck and Evie--the smiliest twosome ever!
Some Wiggy men at Papa's house. I love these guys so much. They are special and dear to me.
On our way back to Palo Alto we stopped by the Jelly Belly Factory for a tour and some treats. Talmage loved wearing the "candy hat" and I thought it was super interesting. Although I can't understand how buttered popcorn is the second most popular flavor of jelly bean. Yuck.
Our cute little Candyman after the tour. What a sweet weekend we had!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mended Little Hearts Charter Meeting

Our first meeting for Mended Little Hearts was a success. We had an awesome group and it was so nice to get to know other heart parents. I'm looking forward to many, many, many adventures with them in the future.

This was my main contribution--triple chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel filling. They were so, so, so good...and don't they look pretty. I want one right now.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Sous Chef.
Love my helpers.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A big old winter-sissy.

I am such a winter-sissy.

The last few months have brought nothing but sun, but cue the rain every.single.day last week and I was crying foul. How dare it rain in winter and grump grump grump were pretty much the only topics of conversation. It's not as much not liking cold weather (although to be honest, I don't really like cold weather), it's more about being stuck in the house like caged animals. And while being a caged animal all by my lonesome sounds somewhat appealing, I was a caged animal with two beasts in boys clothing. They.were.insane all week long.

T's outdoor needs are physical. He NEEDS to run and play and get all of his energy out in order to function. If he doesn't get that outside time, I learned last week, he gets mean and grumpy and runs around in circles--literally--in our microscopic living room. And when he goes crazy, we all go crazy.

Evie's outdoor needs are emotional. He NEEDS to feel the cool air and sit in green grass. He smiles as soon as we walk out of our door, almost like he is breathing in happiness. If he doesn't get that outside time, I learned last week, he screams (with the voice that JUST returned) and cries and screams some more. And I can promise you, his voice has returned with more gusto than it ever had. It's exciting, and it's loud.

My outdoor needs are spiritual. I NEED to feel the warm sunshine on my face and the cool grass on my feet to remind me of who I am, why I'm here and what I'm doing. It's refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing. An afternoon outside gives me gratitude for the beauty of the earth, and helps me feel close to its maker. If I don't get that outside time, I learned last week (as did my kids, and my husband), I get antsy and impatient, neither of which are becoming.

I recognize I don't have it bad. When I talk to my sister and she tells me it's snowing in Idaho I literally want to cry--for her and for Kai Kai. Our winters in Palo Alto are not that bad (read: not any bad) but by George it's still winter and by George I'm still sick of it.

So on this, the fantastic first day of Spring, I'd just like to give Winter a little shout out, "Peace Out." And to you, Miss Spring, welcome and we're glad you're back!

Monday, March 19, 2012

window markers and a st. patty bday

One time, when James and I got married, my little sister wrote crazy comments all over the windows of our car with markers that promised would easily erase. 18 months later when we sold our car to a man from Yreka, I'm pretty sure a few of those comments were still faintly visible.

SO...when T-Man got these window markers for his birthday that claimed to clean with just a wet paper towel, I was skeptical. I'm happy to report that the window did wash totally clean and looks as good as new. But even if it hadn't, coloring on the sliding glass door kept him busy for almost an hour on a rainy day so it probably still would have been worth it.

We took the boys to the Arillaga Family Dining Hall as a special treat after Evie's doctors appointment. T walked in the building and said, "Oh. Wow. Nice. Is dis where Daddy wives (lives)? Talmage had two large helpings of chocolate froyo with marshmallows for dessert so he was in heaven.

Our little elf on St. Patricks Day. We celebrated with green eggs and ham in the morning, and then partied the rest of the day with our courtyard friends for Frankie's birthday.

The monster cupcakes for the monster party. Too too cute.

Talmage was so excited to wear a party hat. SO excited. He knew that it was his birthday party first, then Frankie's and then Remy's and although I thought he'd want it to be his birthday each time he was perfectly content to just sit back and enjoy the festivities. It was fun to watch him have such joy for his best little buddy.

Frankie Frank blowing out his candle.

Franklin's parents had a movie projector and set up Toy Story 3 for all the kids to watch. In the back you can see Evie's large noggin and if you look closely you'll see Talmage--wearing his shark helmet of course!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

a really really nice sunday

His hair was parted, his dress slacks ironed and under that sweater was the cutest little tie you ever did see because EVERETT WENT TO CHURCH TODAY! WOO-HOO!!! On Friday we were given the go-ahead from Evie's cardiologist to resume life outside our four walls, and oh what joyous news that was to my ears. I'll admit, I got a little teary-eyed a few times during Sunday school as we talked about the power of prayer and I watched my own little miracle play on the floor at my feet. Having all four of us at church was special and I felt very complete.

Before church...Evie was thrilled to be getting out of the house and Talmage was thrilled because I let him dribble his basketball to the car. He LOVES basketball lately--so my child! I not-so-secretly hope he's a 6'4" basketball star...and would also possibly love to have my own little basketball team of kids! We'll see--about both.

Jim drew pictures in Sacrament meeting to entertain Talmage. I was cracking up later as I looked at them--especially his self-portrait.

The proof that he looks nothing like that yucky picture he drew of himself! Hand-some! We went on a drive this evening to search for a rainbow and animals. We found this gorgeous park where you could see from San Jose to San Fran--gorgeous!

We saw lots of animals--bambi, coyotes, big birds and horses--but no rainbows. T was pretty stoked about the animals and wanted to go find Bambi's family. I told them they went home to have Sunday dinner together, which he thought was a pretty good thing to do.

We took a picture together at the look-out spot...

...but we left these under-dressed chickens in their carseats because it was colder than we thought it would be! PS--do you like T's helmet? He put it on this afternoon (probably hoping that if he was wearing a helmet I would let him go ride bikes even though it was Sunday) and it didn't come off until he was in bed tonight. Love that crazy kid!