Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Summer Has Looked Like Lately...








Thursday, July 15, 2010

Squeeze Inn

Lunch with Dad at the infamous Squeeze Inn.
We were given the table in the little Squeeze Inn playhouse. I felt like it was my birthday!

Two words: Cheese Skirt.
There was some discussion about whether that was one or two words.
Either way, it was DELICIOUS!

He enjoyed it.

And so did they.

And obviously I enjoyed mine. My only leftover= 9 million napkins.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nueva Mexico

We just spent an incredible weekend in New Mexico visiting Jim's Mom. It was my first visit to the state (oh yeah, and T's too) and we both really enjoyed it. Well, I reallly enjoyed it...and Talmage cried a lot (maybe teething? maybe earache? maybe an official grumpy-pants?) Overall, it was awesome and we're SO grateful that Mom let us come.

We started the trip on the Acoma reservation on a gorgeously high mesa (called Sky City). We saw the pueblo, which happens to be the oldest continually-inhabited city in the US (or so says our tour guide Kevin) and enjoyed the view of the endless desert we got from the top.

The homes are multiple level, but you can only access them through stairs at the front of the home (there are no indoor staircases).
The church was built when the Spanish seized control of the tribe in the early 17th Century. In front of the church is a cemetary which is buried six people deep. Each time they fill the space they put a layer of dirt over the whole area and start again. Now there is limited space so only tribe dignitaries and the elderly are allowed to be buried in this lot. It was beautiful, but no pictures were allowed.

And the view from the top! The sky went on forever and was bluer than blue. There were NO buildings or power lines or anything to be seen...I LOVED it.

We also visited Bandalier National Park in the northern part of New Mexico. It was like no New Mexico landscape I had imagined. The drive to the park was lush and green and the hike around the area was beautiful. Talmage wanted to hold Grandma's hand the whole time and kept pulling her faster and faster on the trail.

Two priceless pics of the little man that I had to include. This kid has so much character it's ridiculous.

And also ridiculous, his nearly endless stream of tears this weekend. Over nothing.

A picture of the muchachos halfway through the hike. They are looking pretty tired, don't you think?

The rocks were gorgeous! Jim took this picture of the two of us resting...and I think it looks profesh. Good job honey!

On our last day in Albequerque we took the longest continuous tram in the world to a HIGH mountaintop to see the view of the city. At the top we were at an elevation of 10,300 feet--breathless!

Me and Mr. T enjoying the view.
Jim and T exploring.

We had a great time in New Mexico, Mom. Thanks so much for the fun trip!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fairytale Town

We are SO enjoying our time home in California. Last week my Noni and Grampa were here visiting from Washington and we took Mr. T to Fairytale Town and the Sacramento Zoo. I went there as a child...and my parents went there when they were young...so it was very fitting that we took our little kiddo to that magical land.

(Warning: Picture overload to follow. I definitely want to remember every second of this day. Don't say you weren't warned.)

Mr. T is pretty much glued to the hip with his Grandma. He follows her around (and pulls her around by the finger) and squeals when he sees her. It's SO cute!

One word: Awkward.

True story: Chase was the first word Talmage learned in the USA. We told him to say Uncle Chase, and he surprised us all by obeying. Those two are SO cute together.

Now that's a wingspan.

Great-Grampa and Talmage enjoying a little rest on the bench near the giraffes.

Please click on this picture so you can see the goofy expressions from these two. It's hilarious. Really.

Fairytale Town was a blast. It's a park full of slides, toys and other fun activities. Talmage was in heaven. Here we are running the crooked mile. My mom got a GREAT video of him finishing the race. You gotta see it.

I can't believe how tall my baby brother is getting. I was always the tallest in the family, but I'm afraid to say that title no longer follows me. I may or may not be having a small identity crisis.

Our little Robin Hood hanging out in Sherwood Forest.

Look at that Big Wiggy Cheese.

How many grown adults does it take to make one toddler smile for a picture? Unfortunately more than we had.

And just because I couldn't resist. Here's Talmage enjoying a lemon from my water at dinner. He really did love it...and I enjoyed that face!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Happy 4th of July 2010.
BBQ/fireworks show @ the McKee house.
Here's how it went:
Honey, Grandpa and the boys looking patriotic.

Noni, Grampa and us feeling patriotic (but possibly forgetting to wear red, white and blue).

These next few pictures are called me making nearly everyone at the party take a picture with me. Poor people.

I'll jump in that one too.

Me and my Mom. Of course we needed one.

The ice cream man and the cupcake queen.

Getting ready for fireworks.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

Really? He was more impressed as a 3-month-old! Poor boy was so tired that he fell asleep not even halfway through the show.

But boy oh boy did he look cute.