Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter from us!
holy cuteness! 

the fam. 

my little posers! 

 unwrapped baskets.
all wrapped up. (evie had one too!)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Egg Roll at the Provost's

I thought that the Egg Roll at the Provost's Mansion might be rained out, but luckily Mother Nature waited until after the event to welcome the rain.  
When we walked in we were immediately met by the Easter Bunny (who my boss told me is actually a 2nd year law student in disguise!) Talmage took a picture with her because she promised candy (we need to work on stranger danger apparently!) but Everett screamed an ugly bitter scream everytime she so much as looked in his direction.

Everett was clawing my arm so hard in this picture! Poor kid, he really doesn't like characters!

The brunch was delicious, and the house was beautiful (and so was my Mom!) We ate and chatted and watched Talmage find way more eggs than he should have!

Everett didn't really care about the eggs, he just cared about CANDY! That kid consumed his body weight worth of sugar today!

Talmage got a Spiderman blaster painted on his arm.
And then proceeded to blast people for the rest of the morning!

The mansion reminded us of an estate we'd see in England. It was really lovely.

The four of us!

After the awesome arm-paint, Talmage decided he wanted a Spiderman face painting. I think I was more nervous than he was (I was afraid he would freak out when she started painting) but he sat really still and was very mature about the whole thing. And he loved it. Mostly!

Scary Spiderman!
I told T to make a Scary Superhero face and this is what we got...quite possible the best picture of him I've ever seen! Love that kid!

Santa Cruz

We left my parent's house on Wednesday, and two days later we all met up in Santa Cruz for a day at the Boardwalk and on the beach. The weather was unbelievable and we had a blast. Talmage got to ride a ton of rides (thanks to too-nice grandparents) and I came home with a much-needed starter tan. Santa Cruz is only a 45 minute drive from our house and we really need to go more often!
The boys were enamored by the log ride. Neither wanted to go on it (heck, Evie wouldn't go on anything) but they loved to watch it.

Me and me Pops!
Talmage felt totally big going on rides all by myself. He'd ask for tickets and then go wait in line and get on the ride alone. It's madness I tell you. He's 4 going on 14. My mom had one word for me: beware! I think we were both getting a little nervous looking at my future ;)

Pepa and his little buddy. Pepa is in serious love with Evie because unlike the other grandkids, Everett thinks everything belongs to Pepa instead of Mema (while T always says it's Mema's van, Evie calls it Pepa Van, Pepa House, Pepa Chair, etc). It really is adorable!

I had a gift card to Gap and wanted to get the boys Easter clothes...instead I walked out with two superhero shirts and a new pair of sunglasses that T couldn't live without! I figure they'll get more use out of the shirts anyway...and holy hannah aren't those glasses cute?

T was loving the beach. It's obviously way different than LA beaches, but it was good to be near the water again.

Me and Jimmy got to ride the Pirate Ride all by ourselves while my parents watched the kids. Have you ever rode the pirate ship? It's my favorite--endless tummy drops without the neck-breaking turns of old rollercoasters.

Mema and Pepa enjoying the weather on the beach.

Last time we were at the beach Everett couldn't even walk...this time he was running from the waves and making sand castles. It's amazing what a few months can do.

Talmage begged Pepa to ride the ferris wheel with him. He was a little nervous as they were going around, but he felt like a pretty big deal when the ride was over!

We got a picture of all of us by the Boardwalk sign before we decided to head home.

This is my new favorite picture! Sweet Everett was so tired and fell asleep in Mema's arms--lucky Mema! I love seeing them together.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break in Sac

We spent a few days of Jim's last-ever-Spring-Break-as-a-student in Sacramento, enjoying our family and resting from real life. It was the best.
Pretty much this is how it went down:
Everett ate lots of junk and smiled like mad.
ice cream.

We worked T's tail off doing the following, over and over and over again:

flying paper airplanes.
working in the garden.

at least we didn't make him work alone! All three guys were hard at work!
We spent Monday night playing mini golf at Sunsplash, and subsequently learned that our boys are much too young to appreciate mini golf!
my cutie padres and our fam!

The boys were pretty much thrilled that they had clubs and balls...but they never quite learned that they were supposed to hit the balls with said clubs. Mostly they just threw the balls into the holes!

The boys with Mema and Pepa--they are so lucky to have such awesome grandparents!

And I am lucky to have such awesome parents!

Me and my boys, loving it up for the camera. They are the cutest little pills alive!

I saw more of James during our four days in Sacramento than I have the last month put together. I love Spring Break!

Sweet, smiley boy!
We also snuck in a little visit to Great Papa. Love, love, love that man!

I guess we could have taken a picture with everyone together, but we all wanted our own pictures with Great Papa!

T was climbing over and under furniture and making sweet memories in his Great Grampa's house.

Me and my little.
The trip was much too short (they always are) but must have been successful--the boys snoozed most of the drive home!