Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jord and Mad Got Hitched!

My younger brother and his beautiful bride got married in the Salt Lake temple on Thursday, September 27. It was a marathon trip with no spare time to see all of our favorite Utah friends (boo) but we did get to see a whole lot of family. I got to attend the wedding with my best man (and my 2 best boys that tie for second favorite people in the universe ;)

Ash and I with our two grandmas--Noni and Grammie. I'm so glad that they were both able to make the trip for Jord's big day! And I'm also glad we got to make the was such a special event.

My sweet-as-sugar little ham. He flirted the day away with every pretty girl he saw. I just love that he makes so many people smile. What a stud!

The beautiful Madelyne! My brother sure found a keeper. I'm glad that we can now claim her as one of our own! {PS--When I heard the temple worker call her "Sister McKee" for the first time I was nothing but sobs. I can't believe we have another McKee girl in the family! To be fair though, I was pretty emotional during every step of the week--temple, wedding dinner, ceremony, reception. There is just something so moving about young love!}

My mom looked smashing. Seriously, she looked stunning! And Evie was a doll in his bow tie!

Me and the Pops!


Siblings--Me, Jord and Ash. We missed Chase so, so much! We love you Monkey! 

Um, GQ anyone? I can picture in my head a copy-cat picture coming out in 15 years when they are groomsmen at each other's wedding. I love these two.

The happy and incredibly good-looking couple! In the temple, members of our church promise themselves to their companion for forever, instead of till death do them part. What a blessing it is to know that our love and relationships can extend beyond the grave. Happy eternity you two!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Brick House





The Commodores and Cool and the Gang
Maybe the funnest date night in the history of my life. I didn't know I could have such a good time rocking out to 70s music. Brick House. Celebrate. Ladies Night. Jungle Boogy.
That's right!!!

The winner of the night, though, were Marinka's nike's. Sweet!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mom the Triathalete

My mom did her first triathalon and she was a total stud! We all woke up early and headed to Rancho Seco for Mema's big event.

Jordan and Madelyne came down for the weekend to cheer her on as well!

Ash painted moms nails so that she could have a pick-me-up during the race (were she to need one!)

The girls before the race. I think Ash and I were more nervous than my mom--and all we had to do was cheer!

Is there anyone cuter in the universe? Doubtful. 

And as luck would have it, I'm her aunt! Lucky me!




And DONE! I couldn't be more proud of my mom. She has been training for this event for months and to see her accomplish such a huge goal was inspiring. She is inspiring. And I think she might be Superwoman. Just saying.

Mom with her signs. She loved them and we love her!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Folsom Zoo are darn cute! And that day we went to the Zoo, you looked really cute that day. And that smile--oh dear cute!

 The boys and the bears.

Our sad, sad attempt at a cute zoo picture.  

 Aunt Ash got to ride on the train with my little boys...

 ...while I played with her two kiddos at the train station!

Evie and the conductor. 

 That night James and I went on a date to Scott's seafood. We talked about life plans and ate delish food. 

Mostly the dessert made the meal. Creme brulee french toast anyone? The best thing I've ever eaten. Hands down.

Soccer Practice

What do you do with two rambunctious little boys on a warm summer night? Soccer practice! 
 They ran and kicked the ball and shot goals for a ridiculously long 2/3 year old time! 

 Cute Kai playing at the park.

This was the boys on the starting line of their big race. I think both of them must have watched much to much of the Olympics.

 Water break!

And after soccer practice...7/11 for slurpees!