Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas Recap

It wouldn't be Christmas without a case of the cousin flu, but luckily it only hit the youngest few and gave the rest of us a by. Some of the adults got a head cold that was rather intense, but I think we can all agree that coughing > barfing!

We're back in Los Angeles now and per tradition I can't remember any of the craziness that happened with 20-something people under one roof and can only remember how magical Christmas can be with that many sweet and excited little ones. We started new traditions like a dollar gift exchange with the Wigs and a children's nativity with the McKees and continued old ones like dinner on the mountain and a Christmas Eve movie. I love Christmas and I especially love family--they continue to be what life is all about for me.

Here are a few highlights from our time in Sacramento. I'm never great at taking pictures while I'm there, but you'd never know it by this recap! Merry Christmas to all.

MePa treated the kids to new books and for the rest of the day these boys were found burying their heads in these books.

I've always wanted a Christmas sweater and I never want James to be more than a foot away from me so I took matters into my own hands and hit two birds with one stone. This sweater may have made James roll his eyes, but it made me smile from ear to ear!

Papa Scott and Talmage Scott, snuggling together by the fire.

Quinn, on the other hand, put Grandpa's fire hat on her head and tried to put it out!

Loved seeing these second cousins read books and play games together.

Meeting the dreamiest baby Oliver and snuggling him like crazy. He's such a content little lad and barely makes a peep which basically makes him the exact opposite of any baby I ever birthed!

The oldest and youngest McKee cousins right here! When baby girl McKee is born next month she will be my parents 11th grandkid with the oldest being 8.

 Fab 40 lights and Gunther's ice cream to follow. If we ever live in Sacramento again I'd LOVE to live in the 40s. What a dreamy neighborhood!

The McKee siblings with our blankets and treats, ready to see (or in my case, sleep though) Star Wars.

Our Coco by her movie. I think I may call her Mama Coco for the rest of eternity! This was the greatest movie I've seen in a lonnng time and I can't wait to buy it for myself!

Quinn saw these two festive friends walk by as we were driving out of the mall and was desperate to find them for a picture. We chased them down and while Daddy did laps with the car Quinn and I ran after them and asked for a picture. That smile is the sincerest!

Grampa and Ever playing with the bear he made.

And a few minutes later, Everett helping Papa dry the dinner dishes.

Such a special picture of my four babies with their grandparents. Talmage is especially excited about the quartz they gave him from their property. He honestly wanted to sleep with it in his bed he loves it so much, but we settled for a beautiful and safer spot in the garden!

Christmas Eve cuties.

^^^I couldn't choose just one, so here are three of my favorites. I love their crazy personalities.^^^

Everett was in charge of buying a cousin gift for Oliver and it was darling watching him read the baby one of our families favorite books, Little Blue Truck Leads The Way.

I couldn't hold back the tears as these little ones recreated the nativity for us and adored baby Oliver. I'm so grateful for the Savior and that because of Him, I have this beautiful family to love.

 Mema and Pepa were the stars of the show in these fun onesies!

Comic book maker and an art easel for Evie, building set and tools for Quinn.

Baby stroller for Coco and hot wheels track for T.

Kai's face says it all--these kids were THRILLED!!!

The triplets personalities to a T!

Poor Coco got hit by the stomach bug long and hard. She was up all Christmas Eve night barfing and missed all of Christmas day. I must admit, the magic seemed to be missing that day as we were back in the bedroom trying to sequester her from others, but in true kid fashion the other ones didn't even notice and had a perfect day, "the best Christmas ever" in fact! I'm glad she's feeling better least from her tummy bug, now she's got a cold!

Dovewood Court lights were a success once again this year, I love this tradition. It was my first year going with no stroller, which means that my kids are getting bigger and things are getting a little bit easier! Welp, that's a wrap for 2017. 2018--here we come!!!