Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What I would write, if I had time to write

I used to think that we make time for what matters most to us and never bought the whole "I didn't have time" thing as an excuse. Well I was wrong, ya'll. So totally wrong. Sometimes there are so many things that matter so much to us that there's absolutely no way you can accomplish them all. And more sincerely, sometimes we have to do things that matter absolutely zilch to us but are necessary to stay alive (#laundry #dishes #makedinner #homework #brushteeth). Alas, such is adult life, amiright?

Writing and this humble blog mean the absolute world to me and yet this last month has been such a whirlwind that I legitimately have not had one split second to write. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that life lately has been such an interesting mix of emotions. One second I feel wholly fulfilled in my service to others and proud of my family life and the very next I realize that I'm completely underwater and am struggling to breath under the pressure and responsibilities. In both circumstances I am tired, but that goes without saying when you learn that Cora has suddenly forgotten how to sleep through the night and last night alone we were up eight times with her. EIGHT TIMES! I wake up early, I go to bed late and I typically don't sit down in the daylight hours. (#tired #sotired #soveryverytired). Alas, such is adult life, amiright?!

Even now I should be preparing my Relief Society lesson for this Sunday, but instead I needed to take a hot second and give this space a little lovin'. So here are a few things I would write about if I actually had time to write:

**Yesterday when I coughed Quinn said, "You OK, Hedder?" I was like, Girl, what'd you call me? She thinks she's the cleverest and I think she's the naughtiest. We're both spot on.

**Ever's prayers lately are THE BEST! If there was an award for greatest prayers, he would win it. A few days ago he thanked Heavenly Father "dat I didn't have any tells-on at school today" and I busted up. The King of the Tattletales, that one. And always the victim. Last night James was home at about eight o'clock which we were all thrilled about since he's been coming home in the middle of the night for weeks. In Ever's prayer he said, "we aw so thankful dat Daddy snuck out of his office wike a ninja so he could be hewe so eawly!" The way he describes things is golden.

**I was cooking turkey pot pie on Sunday for the missionaries and a guest from the ward when my oven randomly turned off and started beeping uncontrollably. I frantically tried to figure out the problem, then I humbly prayed that it would be fixed, then I desperately threw together a new meal for our company--all while Everett crashed a chair through our living room window, our guest entered our home and immediately announced that she was a vegetarian (news to me) and the boys begged to sit at the adult table only to act like complete hooligans. It was not our best night, but it was the greatest comedy of errors and I just can't keep feeling so grateful that the oven didn't break when we were feeding 18 people and cooking a 25 lb turkey on Thanksgiving just four days before. New oven will be here in a week and Everett wasn't hurt, blessings two and three!

**T is in this interesting space between little kid and big kid. He wants to "chat" with the adults because "it's so interesting, even if you only talk about bills and politics" but he also makes weird noises, wants to be held and cuddled on the couch like a wee one and can't control his crazy energy. It's a transitional time for him, for us, and I hope we can make it as painless and graceful as possible.

**When I imagine myself in my head, I see the picture at the top of this post--messy bun on the top of my head, no make-up on my face and a baby in each arm. This is my life right now, these two little loves are glued to me at all times. It's so interesting to me that after so many years of being a boy mom, that for most of my day I'm exclusively a girl mom. It's also interesting that after so many years of independent little friends, I'm once again full speed ahead with needy widdo babies!

**If you ask Quinn if she wants a string cheese she'll tell you, "No, baby cheese" and will then proceed to unwrap her own Baby Bell which she gets by herself from the fridge. Two going on twelve, that one. She also loves apples and goldfish, raisins and yo-gut, and baby fwies (the little crunchy ones are her jam) but if you ask her what her favorite food is she always answers "chicken!" I love that I finally have an eater I can be proud of ;)

**By the light of the Christmas tree I nursed Coco for the last time. It was just a few days ago, and although I hadn't planned on that being the last time I had a sneaking suspicion deep inside that my milk was gone for good. I had never given much thought to the phrase "I lost my milk" but now I'm seeing it through new eyes. One month I was feeding my baby and she was growing and thriving and fattening up and then the next month I was feeding my baby and she was losing weight and crying and unbeknownst to me, suffering. Nothing had changed with my diet, my body, my stress levels, not one darn thing, and I was left looking around trying to figure out where my bounteous supply of milk had gone. I literally lost it, and despite my best efforts I could never find it again. It's really quite sad for me, if I'm being honest. But if I was going to nurse my last baby for the last time, by the light of a beautiful Christmas tree was definitely the way to do it.

I miss writing, I miss this blog, I clearly have way too much to say but I've got to go now. Oh the things I would write, if I had time to write. Someday, someday.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

I got to go to Ever Knight's classroom to celebrate Halloween and it was so much fun. I love kindergarten and all of his cute classmates. It's fun to see a whole slew of five-year-olds together because you both realize how little they are and also how competent they are. Their creativity and work ethic were impressive and spending an hour with them was a pleasure.

Quinn was not about to touch the pumpkin gunk but the other two were all over it. The pumpkins got carved, the seeds brined and no one lost a finger--it's a miracle!

Somehow I don't have pictures of either boys pumpkins, but here is the one James and I worked on. Yep, we rocked it!

My kitchen shelves have gotten more and more festive as the month has worn on and I love them so much! I'll be sad to take them down and put up the Thanksgiving decor (oh wait, that's because I don't have any Thanksgiving decor!)

As we were leaving the house for dinner at a friends house and trick-or-treating. Quinny was sitting next to her brother's for about five seconds and then said, "I done. Wes go."

Quinny is blurry because she couldn't stop was hilarious! She trick-or-treated like a boss and then she went downhill fast! It was such a great night!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

May The Force Be "Wig" You

The boys have almost always donned matchy-matchy Halloween costumes, but this is the first year the whole family got decked out in make-belief goodness. The boys started planning it while eating their trick-or-treating candy last year on Halloween (as they do, next years plans are already in the works!) and since they had just gotten super in to Star Wars it was the obvious choice. They never budged on their characters of choice--T as Kylo Ren and Ever Knight as Luke Skywalker--but the rest of us flipped and flopped until we finally found our Star Wars callings. Coco was supposed to be Yoda (before she was even born...heck, before we even knew her gender) and then we thought she'd be an ewok and Quinny was set to be Princess Leia (although we had an obvious hair dilemma) but then I had the brilliant idea of making both girls droids and I couldn't shake it. I wanted to be Yoda because I love that friend but my boys said I was WAY too tall to be yoda--ba humbug. But then I remembered C3PO and thought it would be darling if all three Wiggy women were droids--and it was! We were rooting for James to be Chewbacca because he does THE BEST impersonation, but he wanted to grow a beard and be Obi Wan Kenobi which was fitting and perfect. No one probably cares about our thought process with these costumes, but as I sit here writing I'm smiling remembering a years worth of planning, negotiating, debating, sewing and brilliantly executing our big Halloween plan. Playing with my people is awfully fun and I'm glad this year we got to do it right! 

This picture was taken at our first Halloween party of the season and was a fabulous family dress rehearsal for our main event--the ward trunk or treat. This picture marks the only time for the rest of the season that you'll see Ever's costume without massive amounts of orange (not washable) paint thanks to a pumpkin painting activity that happened about three seconds after we took this. Oh well! Also, this picture made me realize that for the main event I needed to put my hairs up to look more the C3PO part! 

Cora is just the yummiest baby BB8 in existence. She was all smiles and coos and tongue all night long and no one could get over how darling she was. I love her so, so could I not?!

Betty Ann is the best sport ever and agreed to be on the dark side with T because he was sad the rest of the family were good guys. I love her so much! She ordered a Darth Vader costume online and looked amazing in it (as she does in everything she wears!) T's good friend Zoey dressed up as Princess Leia, so of course she had to get in the picture as well! We are so lucky to have so many awesome people surrounding us.

That's one half of a totally normal RS Presidency!!!

One of my greatest accomplishments in life might just be making these costumes. Who knew I could sew?! I'm SO happy with how they turned out.

Happy Halloween 2016!!!