Sunday, November 15, 2015

Quinny's Birthday with Winnie

Grandma Winnie was stuck back east when we had Quinny's first birthday party so a few weeks after her birthday she came up to celebrate. {This post is clearly suuuppper late, just realized now that I'd never posted these.}

Grandma bought Quinn a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a yummy (and pretty) Boston Creme Cake. 

And of course, no October birthday is complete without Halloween decorations. James joked that she'll probably never have a party without a little bit of spooky decor.

Quinner and her birthday goods!

Quinny and Grandma Winnie.

Happy first birthday (again!) baby girl. We love you so much. And thanks Grandma Winnie for coming to celebrate!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I'm "that Mom" with Ever Knight

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

I always swore I would not be "that Mom" that let her kids leave the house snot-nosed and in crazy clothes but you know what? I am. {See exhibit A, B and good old C for all the proof you need! Snot-nosed baby sure to be found in the stroller if the crazy clothes aren't enough!} It shocked even me to learn this about myself but usually I don't really care what my kids wear out of the house as long as it covers their bodies and no one is fighting! Some of the time I pick out their clothes for school but as soon as Ever walks through the door after preschool he strips down to his under-roos and changes in whatever suits his fancy for the afternoon. Lately he's all about pajamas, the snugglier the better because it's dipped down in the mid-60's here and us wimpy Wigs are freezing! He also loves costumes, always has, so often he's in one of those as well. It's pretty funny to see the reactions of other parent's/nanny's when we show up to pick up T after school but Ever Knight never seems to mind. And you know what? Neither do it. Turns out I'm that Mom indeed! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween Week Fun!!!

It's November now, which basically means that it's almost Christmas, amiright? I'm feeling the holiday excitement and pressure and I know I better clean up my Halloween pictures before other holiday's sneak up on me.

This year I planned a fun activity with the boys every night of Halloween Week. We had such a blast, and boy were we busy, but I think this was one of the Wig's finest Halloweens on record. The highlights were definitely carving pumpkins with Daddy (hooray!!! He got off early from work on the perfect, perfect day and surprised us!!!), trick-or-treating in a real, suburban neighborhood for the first time and watching Quinny-girl run from house to house in search of more CANDY!!! Here are some pictures.

Monday: Pumpkin Carving

These next 3 pictures make me totally crack up!

T's on the left, Ev's on the right.

Tuesday: Painting Pumpkins

Wednesday: Halloween Spooky House Hunting

Thursday: Assembling Halloween Treats for Classmates

Friday: Ev's costume parade and Trunk-or-treat

Ms. Ana cheering my Ever Knight in the rear. That kid is the slowest walker that ever existed and two different classes passed him in the parade!

Daddy was staffed on a deal and couldn't get away from the office so we went to wish him a happy trunk-or-treat at work!

Friday: Soccer snacks and trick-or-treating

Ev: "Aw you a peepo unduh dat face because you weawy wook wike a scawy Bazombie to me!"

Coming home, punch drunk from candy and so, so excited!

We got 100's of candies and they were all sorted and counted to perfection! Then we ate candy and watched movies until late, late, late.

Halloween week, over and out.