Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring in Central Park...Finally!

To tell you the truth I thought that spring might just never come. Here we are at the very end of April and just now I'm looking outside and thinking, "We've done it! We've made it! That ugly, ugly Winter is gone!" Unfortunately we've had a few days in the 30's and 40's this last week so our coats and jackets aren't packed away just yet...but at least the flowers are blooming and trees are blossoming and things are generally looking less dark and dreary outside! And that glorious sunshine that I've missed so much--delicious for the soul. Last Sunday we went on a stroll through Central Park after church and I couldn't help but snap pictures right and left of this beautiful place we get to call home.

Every Sunday when the weather is nice we stop and admire the hip-hop skaters dancing to loud beats by the bandshell. Some weeks we'll join them (sans skates) and dance until my boys are either embarrassed by my moves or hysterically laughing. This was the first time we've seen them since last fall and it made me giddy to hear their music as we inched our way down the hill by Sheep Meadow.

Are you kidding me right now? How beautiful are these babies?!

We kind of went a little crazy with all the statues because, again, we've been caged animals all winter long and this taste of freedom walking through the park was amazing. Also, T's smile is so real that I just want to remember it forever. Smiling for pictures is not his forte, but how cute does he look atop Balto the Wonder-dog?

I kept asking James if Spring was more beautiful this year than last. "I think this might be the most beautiful Spring I have ever seen in my whole life!" I'd annoyingly say over and over again. And then I'd beg him to agree with me. "It is right? Isn't it? Have you ever seen anything this lovely? No--last year couldn't have been this magnificent!" He agrees with me (of course!) that Spring in the city is breathtaking, but he also thinks that the llllooooooonnnnnnnggggg winter is playing games with my head (because supposedly last spring was quite awesome as well and supposedly I said it was the prettiest I had ever seen too). So, the story I'm now sticking too is that last year's spring was the most beautiful until this year showed it up. Makes sense, right?

Oh my heavens, that's pretty!

Quinny wanted to eat every cherry blossom in arms reach!

Me and my girl (who is not wearing tights for the first time ever--worth documenting!)

The Wiggy Women.

I couldn't help but snap pictures of the sunlight shining through the blossoms. I love the sun so much! I feel like such a nicer, healthier, happier person when I can feel a little sunshine on my body.

I love these Central Park signs!

Alice and Wonderland and a couple of excited city boys with helmets!

Everett fell in love with this little mouse on the statue and parked himself beside it for soooo long. You'd think a kid who has seen his fair share of rodents on the subway would not be impressed by the one in bronze, but he actually thought it was pretty dang cool! For my part, I just think he's adorable.

And on the walk home, our Sheep Meadow!!! If this first real walk of the season is any indication of how the next few months are going to be then there is only goodness and happiness and beauty in our future. Welcome Spring...us Wiggy's love you so much!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Ever's Anniversary Tears

I spent much of Thursday consoling a sobbing Ever Knight who was "weawy, weawy sad" that he didn't attend my wedding. If there's one thing you should know about Everett it is that he loves his Mama something fierce. Similar sobs were cried a few weeks ago when he learned that I couldn't marry him because I was already married to Daddy, and unfortunately was not willing to leave Daddy for him. Sobs--real true sobs. Last time it was, "But Mommy, why didn't you wait for me so that we could get married?" and this time it was, "I'll never see your dress, or your shoes or your smile on your wedding day...why didn't you invite me to your wedding Mommy?" Another thing you should probably know about Everett is that he's a feeler first and a thinker second. I tried to reason with him and give him every rational explanation why it seriously wasn't possible for us to get married or for him to attend our wedding (I even through in that he was probably watching it with excitement from heaven) but alas, Ever felt the pain deep inside and he kept crying and crying and crying some more.  I quickly realized that Everett didn't need any more rational thoughts, he just needed to be scooped up in my arms until all those tears were loved right out of him; so off to the couch we went, Ever Knight and I. We spent three hours cuddled together looking at wedding pictures, discussing details, crying and laughing and asking/answering questions. I'd like to say that by the end he "got it" and felt better about not attending our big day, but to be honest he was still a little fuzzy on everything when we left to pick up T from school, but the tears were gone and love was shared and when James got home from work later that day Ever said, "Daddy, I know aw about when you and Mommy got mawied!" My tender little Ev, I love him something fierce too. 

It was because of all his tears we decided to really play up our anniversary day as our family's birthday party. We celebrated as a family last year and I realized that this is definitely a tradition I want to keep because it is, in fact, the birth of our family and how fun is that?! This year we went out to tacos and then came home to celebrate with a cake and candle (and a fabulous rendition of "Happy birthday to US!") Seven years as a family and a whole, heck of a lot to show for it. We are truly blessed!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

7th Anniversary Date

That girl on the left and that guy on the right have officially been married for SEVEN years! The night before our anniversary we went out in celebration of us and it was so much fun. I was in my "mom uniform" of a t-shirt and jeans all day but decided last minute to throw on a sparkly shirt and some lipstick...and brush my dang hair! If there has ever been something to dress up for, an anniversary date is it.

We had dinner at Impudo, a trendy Ramen restaurant in the city we've been dying to try (sans kids). We dined on pork buns and noodles and couldn't stop telling each other how amazing it all tasted. It was seriously delicious and such a new, fun experience to have together. I would definitely recommend this place--but come early because the wait is insane!

Can you tell I liked it? Somehow I ended up with both bowls of ramen at the end of the night! Is there a pig-face emoticon that I can put by my name?! No shame!

After dinner we raced over to the Walter Kerr Theatre to see the broadway show A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder. It was a musical, a love story, it was witty and just a pinch naughty and I pretty much loved every last second of it. I can't think of a better way to spend an anniversary than by seeing a gentleman knock-off a long list of people for love (and power...but mostly love), am I right?! ;) We finished the night off with Tonight Dough ice cream and talking late with our friends. So glad we got married 7 years ago!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

When Daddy Leaves Town

The second Daddy mentions going out of town one of my kids say they don't feel good and then proceed to be sick until he returns. This time it was Quinn, who woke up with a 102 degree fever on the morning James was leaving for Florida. I thought for sure she had an ear infection so I took her to the doctor who sent me home with a very hot baby who looked absolutely fine (except for being miserable because of the fever). Four days later her fever spiked at 104.5 before finally breaking while she took a fitful morning nap. I was so happy that the fever broke until I saw little bubbles on the roof of her mouth, and on her tummy, and pretty soon her whole entire body was covered with a horrible red rash. Roseola strikes again! We're no strangers to this fever virus, but Quinn took it to a new extreme by having the rash EV-ER-Y-WHERE! The worst part was that the rash was in her mouth and down her throat which made our already bad eater an even worse eater. Poor baby girl hasn't caught a break this winter. 

 Believe it or not, this is when the rash wasn't looking all that bad. Yowzers!

And this picture just cracks me up. I was trying to take a picture of her rashy body and everytime I moved her she'd put her face right in the camera lens. Silly Sue, that one.

Not that I'm bitter or anything, but while I stared at rashes all week, James sat on his balcony and saw this:

and this:

Isn't that amazing?! I wish we could have tagged along on either of his Miami trips this year. But I'm glad he had so much time to enjoy this gorgeous, gorgeous place.

In other, lighter news: I got my hair did and then re-did when it came out a little orangier than I had hoped. I feel silly calling myself a blonde when my sister and mom are true blondes, but I'm a little more beach-ready now. {Now if I could only get to a beach!} 

When Daddy was gone, Spring arrived. We had our first ice cream Friday of the season and the boys both chose Spiderman popsicles. Everett has his ice cream eating form down pat--look at that head tilt! And really? How cute is that kid!

Believe it or not that picture on the left is Talmage trying to smile in earnest, and is Everett flipping off the camera?! It's a hard knock life for a mom wanting cute pictures of her kiddos! I LOVE that the weather is getting warmer. LOVE IT!!!

Mr. T lost his 3rd tooth while Dad was away. And by lost, I mean I pulled it out of his head just like the other two because his roots were being stubborn for weeks and driving us all crazy! He was excited and the tooth fairy delivered another $1 to the darling!

I've had a few little celebrity sightings lately (I kind of don't think this happened the week James was gone because I didn't leave the house at all that week, but the pictures are here so here you go!) On the left, Mitt Romney playing some volleyball at the church gym and on the right, Paul Blart Mall Cop on his segway riding around the UWS!

Because we were stuck in the house with a sick Miss Quinn, Ever Knight and I did a whole lot of looking at each other. He is getting funnier by the second, like when he tucked his shirt into his pants and asked me to take a picture of him doing a silly wave. I laughed so hard at that Mr. Rogers wannabe I nearly choked. Also lately he's obsessed with glasses and it doesn't matter who they belong to if he sees them he puts them on. Far right--him wearing some old glasses of mine in TJ's. Love that boy.

 We're glad James had fun and got a lot accomplished on his work trip, but mostly we were so glad he came home safe and sound!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

James the Birthday Boy

James is 29, which is to say that I am almost 30 gosh-darn years old. How the exit of my 20's happened as I blinked is beyond me (and I'm sure will be discussed in earnest around these parts as my big day draws closer) but uh-hum, this is a post that is totally devoted to the main man in our lives. Well, him and the most delicious Texas BBQ we've ever consumed, that is.

This year April 13th fell on a Monday--and not just any Monday, but a Monday-before-a-work-trip-so-there-was-no-way-to-take-a-day Monday. Isn't that the worst? Everyone should get to take their birthday off of work. And their wives/husbands birthday. And their kids. And their parents, neighbors and friends' big day too. And shoot, do we really ever have to go to work? Yes, you say? Well, James agreed so whole wheat banana pancakes with melty candles on top were all we could do before sending him off to work, not to see him again until our 6 pm rendezvous at Hill Country BBQ in Flatiron. We missed him all day, but made sure to provide lots of birthday entertainment with calls and texts and some seriously off-key tunes.

The star of the night was definitely Hill Country, the yummiest BBQ James and I have tasted in the longest time. The ribs, the brisket, the chicken--they were all finger-licking good. But the macaroni and cheese? Well, T and I almost got into a brawl over seconds! And I know good mac and cheese. If I were to do it again though (and was being totally honest), I would find a sitter for Tweedle Dee, Dum and the Baby and enjoy that place with just the birthday boy by my side. As it was, the atmosphere was loud and no one seemed all-too bothered by our brood, but geez, after Everett fell off his chair for the second time and Talmage poured chili pepper all over his french fries I was about ready to wave a white flag! But we conquered dinner at a restaurant with littles and even enjoyed ourselves if you can believe it! James said it was the perfect birthday dinner, so that's what really matters.

We came home and nearly burned the place down with a Haagen Dazs ice cream cake wearing 29 long, sparkler candles. The cake was great, the candles were great, and singing the birthday song once again was, well, great! Then it was present opening time and that man of ours was spoiled by so many loved ones (and we are so, so grateful!) Then it was bedtime for the littles, bedtime for me, and packing time for the birthday boy.

Twenty-eight was a big year for James--he has grown in ways I could have never imagined. I think the addition of our new baby girl and a major looming job decision has caused him to look at our future and really question--what do I want to become? what do we want for our family? what does God want for all of us? Of course James has always thought about the answers to those questions but never before like this last year where he turned it all over to God and then made decisions that neither of us had expected and many around us have questioned. It was in these last few months that I saw a new side of him, a side I really, really like and a side I'm sure will look just as good on the 29-year-old James as it did on the 28-year-old. So bring it 29! Happy Birthday!