Monday, February 28, 2011

Pregnancy + Flu = Ridiculousness

These last two weeks have been bad...reeeaaall bad.

It all started on Valentine's Day. While all you adorable couples out there were whispering sweet nothings and exchanging chocolates, I was stuck in bed with chills and sweats. And then I threw up. And then my fever spiked above 102 degrees. And then I cried and couldn't sleep and kept Jim awake all night with my whimpers. And then the next day came and I couldn't get out of bed. James had to carry me to the bathroom. I couldn't eat...I could barely breathe for heaven sake. It was RIDICULOUS. Yep, that's the only word I can use to describe being pregnant and sick with the flu at the same time. Ridiculous. some miracle (in this story replace miracle with Big Wig's--Jim's parents) my mom was able to fly to freezing NYC from sunny California and take care of the 3 1/2 little Wiggy's for 10 days. It was absolutely the only thing that got us through. Unfortunately, after the first week of flu I developed a bone-rotting (at least it felt that way) sinus infection that took me out for the final week of her visit, so we pretty much stayed in the apartment for the whole trip. She cleaned my house, did my laundry, cooked gourmet everyday, played with T, did the shopping, and cared for me like I was a little girl again. It was fab (and kind of ridiculous, remember?) but mostly fab.

PS--Being sick while being pregnant is ridiculous. My immune system was totally shot and I felt like I was 100 years old. Ridiculous.

We all cried when she left...except for T--he WAILED. He sobbed and screamed her name over and over. Everytime we brought her up for the rest of the day he would resume his mourning ritual. We tried to tell him that Pea-Paw and Uncles Jordan/Chase needed her in California but he would moan and say, "No. Mema and Tommers." It was so sweet and so heart-breaking. Reason # 974 that we should move closer to family...maybe someday little boy!

Speaking of little boys, I saw the newest Wiggy-Man today and he was just as cute as ever. He is perfectly healthy and growing right on schedule. He is smiling in the ultrasound picture and was playing with his feet during the whole screening. I guess that made up for the ultrasound tech's comment to me, "Look out Mom. This baby is stubborn already!" Oh dear.

And this picture is for Ash. Here I am in all my glory at a little over 21 weeks pregnant. It's definitely showing more than it did with Talmage...although I still feel like I have cheeseburger belly (aka-people don't think I'm pregnant, they just think I've eaten one to many Big Mac's lately!) Anyway, hope you enjoy sis!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Loves

Last weekend we had a ward Valentine's Day dance party and it was SO much fun. I loved spending time with both of my boys more than I can express. Life is pretty crazy busy around here, so it's not that often that we are all together doing something this was SUCH a blast!

I especially loved spending time with this hunk! What a treat. I love him so much and feel so blessed to be his wife. During the dance, the music cut in the middle of a slow song and everyone stopped dancing and walked to the edge of the gym...except for us. Jim held me close and sang the song at the top of his lungs. It was so sweet.

Jim and I danced our buns off and had so much fun, but little Mr. T definitely stole the show! He loves music and was the first one on the dance floor shaking his groove thing. Everyone commented on how darn cute he was...I agree! I think our daily living room dance parties have helped a brother out!

After crazy-dancing with Dad and the blanket, T was ready for some Mommy-loves. We knew it was time to go when he wanted to slow dance with me and he put his head on my shoulder and wouldn't take it off. It was a dream come true! I love snuggles...and he's usually way too busy to give them. What a super great night spent with my two favorite muchachos.

Friday, February 11, 2011

While Mommy's Making Dinner...

...Talmage is making messes.

BIG messes.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh the weather outside is FRIGHTFUL, and kinda fun!

We left California wearing short sleeves, and returned to NYC in the middle of a blizzard! The first few days (as we were still trying to catch up from the crazy flight) we pretty much were hermits. But, eventually I decided that Talmage needed to have his first fun snowday!

The poor people who scrape the sidewalks at our building would have had heart failure if they had seen Tornado Talmage make his way down the walk. He was SO interested in the snow, that he would hit it as hard as he could and watch it topple down. He was VERY proud of himself!

Walking through the snow was hilarious! It was fresh and powdery and Mr. T was always at least 1/2 covered. He took a few steps and then he'd yell, "Mommy, hold you."

His favorite part...eating the snow. He ate SO MUCH! I figured it was fine since we were the only ones at the park in the very fresh snow...but now that it's been a few days (and the snow is either black or yellow) I have to continally remind him that eating it is not ok. Poor kid!

Here we are, all bundled up in the snow. I'm sportin' my Canada beanie courtesy of Unco Jodan!

The next day we told Daddy how much fun we had had playing in the snow and begged him to come play with us for a few minutes. We decided to go sledding on a huge hill by our house. I took pictures while the two of them played. It was so sweet. Jim would make the long trek uphill with that heavy baby of ours and in point two seconds they were at the bottom and T would say, "Again. Again." They ended up sledding until the sled (AKA a piece of cardboard we found on our way to the hill...we're so Bronx!) gave up the ghost.

I have to admit, snow is most definitely not my favorite weather condition and most of the time, I think it's oh-so frightful, but sometimes it is kind of fun!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Chase was right again!

My little brother Chase is ALWAYS right when it comes to guessing the gender of sweet little fetuses! Mad skills...that's all I've gotta say! He's 3 for 3 with the McKee sisters, and you know what he guessed our newest bundle would be?


Yep, the three little Wiggy's will soon be four...and I will be even more outnumbered! My mom joked that when my sister and I left their home she was a rose among thorns (the only girl with three boys) and I think I'll have the same feelings soon ;) We are so thrilled to see our boys play, learn, and grow together...and, basicially we are just THRILLED to be having another boy.

We celebrated tonight with ice cream bars and a family home evening lesson about families (we're trying to help T be excited about his soon-to-be BFF). One things for sure, he was darn excited about the ice cream!

And it got everywhere!

This little one was a mover and shaker during the whole ultrasound. He definitely put the ultrasound tech to work and it took FOREVER to gather all of the measurements. BUT...he stopped long enough for me to get a sweet little footprint. I love it and I love him already. I can't wait to meet him!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I took off the month of January. And most of the month of December as well. Ok, ok, so the end of November wasn't that hot either. I had a bad case of bloggers-block, and an even worse case of bloggers-apathy. I guess that's what severe, ridiculous, should-never-happen-to-anyone-or their-dog pregnancy sickness will do to you, mixed, not to mention, with major parental guilt for being sick all day and allowing my one-year-old to watch 12 hours of TV a day for weeks at a time.

Not that I'm complaining at all. After trying to get pregnant for months on end, I took an anti-complaining oath when I saw those precious two lines. I may have been sick, but I sure was happy to be sick.


Luckily, after a long trip home for the holidays (which was extended to five weeks so we could welcome my little brother Jordan home from his mission) and some major TLC from family (to all three of us Wiggy's) the ball is rolling again and I am feeling much better. I ridiculously came back to New York with a completely empty camera so I have nothing to show for the amazing time we had...but believe me, it was good! And you know what else is good? New babies. YEAH!

Anyway, cheers to February 1st. Cheers to blogging again.
And cheers to the 4th of July...the newest Wiggy should be here to share it with us!