Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Opening Day of Baseball!!!

I probably sound like a broken record with this whole, "I'm so happy when we're all together because work is so crazy thing" but guys, I'm not kidding, work is CRAZY so when we're all together I feel like there should be fireworks and treats and pictures--lots of pictures! This last weekend a deal James had been working on for weeks died on Thursday only to be resurrected Friday night. We knew what that meant, our weekend was blown. But comments didn't come first thing Saturday morning as expected and we ended up as a complete unit for the Little League Opening Ceremony. How fun is that? We cheered on our cute little guys and had so much fun at the brand new park next to the baseball diamonds. We're on teams full of friends, the boys have been practicing nonstop in the backyard and I can't help but think this is going to be the greatest sports season us Wig's have ever known. We're definitely off to a good start!

If you're the betting type, always put money on these two being together. 

Not everyone could come to Opening Ceremonies so the numbers are small, but these pics are cute nonetheless. 

Little Miss Sunshine and I root, root, rooting for the home team!

James actually asked for this picture so I was all, uhh...of course! Love those boys of mine.

We are so glad that Dean and T are on the same baseball team this season with Lukie, and Chase and Everett are on the same team too. We really have the greatest friends! On Friday night Quinny was crying when she went to bed, saying that she didn't want to be a girl and wanted to be a boy instead. I asked her why she wanted to be a boy, and she immediately said that she wanted to be on a baseball team like her brothers. I told her that being a girl was super awesome, and that girls can be amazing baseball players--just like boys. I told her that the next day she'd see darling Maggie in her uniform playing on a baseball team and she was SO excited and decided that she'd like to stay being a girl. I've always loved the phrase "You can't be what you can't see" and thanks to Maggie, Quinny now knows that she can be a baseballer like the boys! 

These girls are going to have a lot of practice eating snacks and watching baseball this season. I love these baby besties and I'm so happy that they have each other.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Same story--left and right

She literally took the ice cream out of the freezer, opened the lid and started digging in while I grabbed a bag of frozen veg and turned my back for two seconds. She wasn't thrilled when I took it away!

Sushi lunch for the missionaries but no one loved it more than Quinny, who unbeknownst to me is a major fan of the spicy crunchy shrimp roll. I can see many-a-sushi date in our future.

And all along we were worried that the squirrels and birds would eat our garden, never knowing that the real danger was in that basil-loving baby of ours!

First-timers in a Costco shared cart and for the first 15 minutes it was THE FUNNIEST and SILLIEST and MOST EXCITING thing ever. Quinn would laugh then Cora would laugh, Quinn would point then Cora would look, Quinn would clap then Cora would squeal. It was all good until Quinn started screaming and demanding to get out. Yes, Cora followed suit and I was stuck holding two girls and pushing around a cart full of goldfish!

Pizza for Quinny and a baba for Coco--lunches of choice for my little girls. Quinn downed that thing with impressive skill, and as for Cora, nine months old and she's getting better at not gagging with real food but all she really wants is some warm milk. 

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Quinn is an absolute FORCE to be reckoned with. For a few weeks (or maybe months) at the beginning of this year I thought I may suffocate in her stubbornness, but things have calmed down, at least a little, and I am catching my breath and remembering all the reasons why I love her to pieces. Last night at General Women's Conference Elder Eyring shared a story about raising a spirited child and it was if he was telling me, "Heather, that Quinn of yours is fantastic now and you can't even imagine how fabulous she'll be in the future--see her that way and love her that way." So this week, that's my goal. To see that crazy two-year-old and her three siblings how He sees them, as wonderful Celestial children.

"I remember once a seven- or eight-year-old son of ours jumping on his bed hard enough that I thought the bed might break. I felt a flash of frustration, and I moved quickly to set my house in order. I grabbed my son by his little shoulders and lifted him up to where our eyes met.
"The Spirit put words into my mind. It seemed a quiet voice, but it pierced to my heart. It was: 'You are holding a great person.' I gently set him back on the bed and apologized.
"Now he has become the great man the Holy Ghost let me see 40 years ago. I am eternally grateful that the Lord rescued me from my unkind feelings by sending the Holy Ghost to let me see a child of God as He saw him.
"The unity we seek in our families and in the Church will come as we allow the Holy Ghost to affect what we see when we look at one another—and even when we think of each other. The Spirit sees with the pure love of Christ." --Henry B. Eyring

For weeks we were battling naps and bedtime and as hard as I fought, I was losing the darn battle. One afternoon Quinn randomly asked if she could read books in my bed with her blanky. This was something I had offered to her a dozen times (we are big advocates for Quiet Time over here when kids don't want to nap) but until it was HER idea it was a horrible one! You should have seen the shock on my face when I walked into my bedroom to find her hiding behind the book, fast asleep. Ever since that day she has taken a "Quiet Reading Time" and 90% of the time she falls asleep and I can't tell you what a difference it's made in her mood and attitude (and mine!) I'm so glad my true Quinny is back.

Bedtime selfies! We finally have a routine and she's going to bed like a champ. We read a book, usually Little Blue Truck or Pinkabella; sing a song, her favorites are I like to look for rainbows and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; and then say a prayer. We give tight hugs, kisses in all their varieties (regular, butterfly, bear and cheetah) and then I leave the room and usually she'll just go right to sleep. She likes the routine and I like the outcome so it's a win-win!

I still find about 20 pictures like this on my phone a day. That girl can work a Samsung like no other kid I know!

"Grandpa" Christofferson was not actually at playgroup for Quinny, but don't tell her that! She followed him around all morning, sitting on his lap and by his side and soaking up his greatness!

She is still a total daddy's girl and he lives for his girl. I love that when this Wild Kratt Cheetah asked to brush his hair he immediately sat on the ground and let her go for it.

Park Day was rained out a few weeks back so we did what any responsible group of moms would do and brought a million children to McDonalds. They were thrilled and we got to sit around and talk so I'd call it a success. Quinny has the greatest group of friends. I honestly don't know what we're going to do when they all go to preschool in the fall (we miss the cut-off by a few weeks!!!)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Living. The. Life.

This year in church we are studying about the life of our late prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. I love him so much that even if I had known him personally, laughing at his infectious wit and marveling at his spiritual insights, I honestly don't think I could love him more. He was the prophet of my youth, and the only one I can remember growing up. His words encouraged me to read the Book of Mormon for the first time when I was in middle school, he taught me about obedience over something as silly as an extra ear piercing, he called me on a mission to Taiwan and taught me lifelong lessons in the divine role of womanhood and the power of optimism. James and I were driving to Utah after a whirlwind engagement when I got the phone call that he had passed away. My heart felt love and excitement for the new chapter beginning in my life and also broken that my dear friend and prophet wouldn't be there to see me through it. But nine years later as I revisit his life and lessons I realize that he's been with me all along--comforting me when things are tough, encouraging me to be my better self and reminding me to celebrate the victories and joys of life.

This wasn't meant to be a churchy post, in fact it's really just a photo dump from our last few weeks, but as I collected a couple of my favorite quotes from President Hinckley to share at the beginning I couldn't help but feel gratitude for the impact he's had on my life. I can't wait to continue visiting with him each Sunday for the rest of the year.

"Cultivate an attitude of happiness. Cultivate a spirit of optimism. Walk with faith, rejoicing in the beauties of nature, in the goodness of those you love, in the testimony which you carry in your heart concerning things divine."
"There never was a greater time in the history of the world to live upon the earth than this. How grateful every one of us ought to feel for being alive in this wonderful time with all the marvelous blessings we have."
--President Gordon B. Hinckley

My biggest and babiest babies!

Ever Knight grew that sunflower from a seed and to say he is proud may be the understatement of the century!

Their basketball team had sundaes on a Sunday to celebrate the season but since we couldn't make it they got to pick out their own pint of ice cream for Monday FHE. So proud of these boys--on and off the court.

"Hey Quinny, thumbs up!" And this is what she does!

Hashtag baby sisters with older brothers. Hashtag monsters. Hashtag Ninja Turtles. Hashtag hand-me-downs.

A beautiful birthday lunch for dear Robyn in Downtown Culver. That mint lemonade though, two thumbs up!

Where's Waldo? (But really, where are my boys?) SUCH a beautiful walk home from church through the temple grounds.

Best baby in the world.

My Valentine massage at Tomoko Spa was out of this world. From start to finish this experience was beautiful, relaxing and memorable. Thanks so, so much to James!

Her first braids. Heart eyes, heart eyes.

Sicky days doing puzzles.

My four little sunshines coloring with chalk in the sunshine. I love our backyard!!!

Sure she wants to eat chalk, rocks and leaves and then gags and chokes and makes me a nervous wreck, but she gives me smiles like these in plenty so I let her roll around on the ground and watch her like a hawk!

Ever Knight the Drama King

I asked to take a picture of him in front of this cool light exhibit at LACMA and he put on my glasses, walked confidently over to the wall (careful not to cross the caution tape) and bam! turned around and struck a pose. I wish my camera's lens could have captured the brilliance of this moment, but even with the dark exposure the light of Ever's personality sure shines bright. I love his daily crazy socks, his passion for pizzazz and that even at 5 years old, he still feels like my baby boy.    

Thursday, March 23, 2017


We spent the first day of Spring with ten little chickens running around our house. Usually our Monday co-ops are held at the church, but since the building was being used this week, my house became the party place. And you know that I love a party! The girls all dressed up in princess apparel, we ate snacks and colored with chalk, played games, rode scooters, made salad out of garden leaves and dug in the dirt--my kind of playdate. In no time the two hours had passed and all those baby friends went home, but I think Spring felt loved and celebrated on her birthday. 
(I love Spring, but I LOVE Summer and we are soooo close!)   

Of course my child is the one climbing the swing like a monkey-girl!

I sat on the sideline and took pictures while pregnant superwoman Lauren ran around after the kids. I wish you could have heard the giggles coming from these sweet little people--this was so much fun!

Eating their goldfish and grapes. 

A walk to remember

That dinner with Mandy must still be on the brain because after thinking of 100 different titles for this post, her famous lyrics were the only ones that struck a chord. Corny I know, but this walk around theVenice Canals is one I really do hope I'll always look back on with fondness. Mostly I hope I remember how concerned Quinny was that the lost and quacking duck find her family, how Cora charmed the socks off of me and every tourist walking around that place with her smile and big red bow and maybe I hope to forget how crazy the boys were being riding their scooters up and down the bridges and thoroughfares. Overall it was a successful Sunday afternoon with the ones I love.