Thursday, July 30, 2015

July's Little Moments

A few little things from July that are worth a moment of your attention:

Talmage learned the safe way to pick up Quinn if she's in danger (9 times out of 10 trying to put a lego in her mouth) and as you can see, she's thrilled about it!

Lowe's is opening a store around the corner and we have the aprons, goggles and hammers to prove it (and two pretty impressive hand-made plant holders to boot). 

Ricky Gervais was filming a movie in Central Park and we randomly passed him so naturally I had to be a creepy, stalker person and take a picture.

 He's made it perfectly clear that the nickname "Toothless" offends him, but I'm all, "Buddy, if the shoe fits..."

 Quinn thinks she's such a big deal standing without help. You're killing me with your getting bigger skills, baby girl!

 Summer is not Summer until you're caught in a massive thunderstorm and get totally drenched. 

 My heart melted into a big puddle when these boys held hands in route to the library. They also insisted on wearing their Mema-made library bags as backpacks!

 This picture was supposed to be captioned "raising a reader" and instead it's titled "it's all fun and games until your baby falls off the bookcase and splits her lip." Mothering fail with a picture to prove it.

 She eats grass while her brothers play and she flirts with everyone who pays her a second of attention.

 His energy levels are off the charts. Little boys I tell ya.

All on her own she rested her head on the pillow and started reading the book. Such an overachiever!

Yes it is.
 T's lunchtime art. Me too, T. Me too.

Finish us off Ever Knight. Happy July. Loves!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chase and Meghan in the Big City!

Our goals for today are twofold: One, do nothing, and two, relax. Let's just say we're rocking our to-do list! Last night we said goodbye to our final NYC visitors, Chase and Meghan, and even though we have bucket list items yet to accomplish and we should probably start packing for our move next week we are all still in jammies enjoying a day with absolutely nothing to do after a week of go-go-go (the only way I know how to play). The boys are currently playing Talking ABC on the ipad, Quinny is sleeping off a sicky tummy in her crib, and updating my blog sounds like a sensible (and enjoyable) use of my time!

Meghan had never been to NYC so I planned an itinerary chalk-full of fun so that she could leave having truly experienced everything this amazing city has to offer. I love this place so much it hurts and sharing it with people is so much fun. I may have to leave this city before I'm really ready, but no doubt it will never truly leave my heart. {sappy, sappy} One thing's definitely for sure, I will not leave here with any regrets of not experiencing it to the fullest--we Wig's have lived out our NYC days like a dream (minus the Winter, let's just block Winter from our memory please!)

Anyway, here are some pictures of all the fun we had--beware of a lengthy photo-diary and kinda no text--the brain power involved in summarizing these pictures would definitely go against today's goals! Love you Chase and Meghan, thanks for the visit!

 Prosperity Dumplings were amazing! Get the pancake, you won't regret it.

 She was looking lovelier on this day than I can ever remember. Blue sky, puffy clouds, and our Lady.

 A widdo baby wif a BIG painting!

 Far Rockaway for the win!!! We've always gone to Jones Beach but Subway accessibility made this one a much cheaper and equally awesome option.

 Snickers cones at the beach-side Bodega


 James and I finally made the Kiss Cam in Times Square after an embarrassingly large number of tries.

 Quinny enjoying Grimaldi.

 The sky, those buildings and the Intrepid planes made for a beautiful sight. A cityscape is my favorite landscape.

 Uncle Chase and T went on the flippy, crazy ride and even though I feared that he'd barf, or hate it, or die, he came off screaming about how it was the funnest thing he's ever done and how he's so glad he did it. I was the happiest, proudest Mom in that moment and grateful for Uncle Chase who did it with him (so I didn't have to)!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wigginton's Dont Whine; Ever and Moving.

Our newest household mantra is "Wigginton's Don't Whine" but friends, it's not working with one Little in particular. Ever is the whiniest little monster you'll ever meet and I'm having a really hard time motivating him to be positive about anything. I have never met someone who is more tired, hungry, thirsty and generally dissatisfied by everyday life than my baby boy. And don't even try to get him to clean in a jiffy or participate in a contest--that will produce fake sobs which IMO are way more nerve-wracking and horrible than whines.  Sheesh.

There is one thing, however, that makes Everett happier than anything else and that is the knowledge that in less than a month he'll be riding around town in a minivan. No, we're not becoming a brave NYC-driving bunch, instead we are packing our bags and moving to another big city full of palm trees, beach bodies and loads of parking spaces. Los Angeles, here we come! And when Everett hears us talking logistics he always chimes in with a smile, "We aw gonna move to Los Angewes and I am nevaw walking again in my whowe wife!" I'm glad he's happy about something these days, sheesh again.

Both boys are legitimately overjoyed to get back to the West Coast where they have loads of family and friends and the weather is sunshiney and beautiful. Hallelujah there is no winter! We can all agree that a no-winter land is where I ought to spend my days! But James and I are having a harder time saying goodbye to this city we love, this apartment we adore and every perk that life here has to offer. We have reservations about up-routing our family again and moving is stressful--so, so stressful. But in their own subtle ways both boys have shown me that life will be OK as long as we're together. And Ever's reminding me on an hourly basis lately that Wigginton's Don't Whine, maybe those words need to be constantly on my lips for my own good?! 

I can't talk about our move without mentioning how proud I am of James. He will be working at one of the largest, most prestigious law firms in the United States and he has worked so hard to get there. If you know James you know that he never gives anything less than 100% and I know I'm biased but this fabulous firm is really the lucky one to have him on their team. I look at all he's accomplished, all we've accomplished together, and I can't help but feel so pleased that he is such a fantastic provider and that we have been able to live out his dreams while still raising a righteous little family. God has been good in our lives and I can't wait to see what the next step will look like in sunny SoCal.

So hold on to your hats my friends, the little Wig's are about to make their home in another big city!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Central Park Zoo

We lucked out and had T's old friend Liam visiting from Connecticut so we decided to make a fun-filled day of it at the Central Park Zoo. I've been to every other zoo in every other borough but somehow I had never visited the zoo in my own dang backyard--how can that be? It's a small zoo but that didn't stop us from spending six hours looking (and re-looking) at each and every animal. These boys have energy, lots of energy!

These three played so well together all day and had so much fun. I know this is silly but it made me want to have another boy! Not a baby boy, a T and Ever aged boy!

Quinn was there too, peering at bears and trying to eat fly's off of the concrete. Ooooh, she was mad when I shooed it away, but luckily a carrot brought back the smiles!

We got an extra-large Dippin Dots and the boys went to town. I've never seen them inhale anything faster or love anything more. What made it even more fun was that we ordered poppin' dots which is cherry ice cream with pop rocks. Their mouths were fizzing and they couldn't stop laughing!

Of course their favorite part was feeding the farm animals. City kids for sure, more excited about a cow and a goat than a grizzly bear!

And the obligatory picture with Balto to end our Central Park adventure. It was so fun to see Liam and have such a great day at the zoo.