Monday, April 29, 2013

Muir Woods

We took advantage of National Park Week and went to Muir Woods for free on our way back to Sac. The boys loved seeing the big, big trees and Talmage got his wish of seeing a buck (something even the park ranger hasn't seen this season) so overall it was a successful trip. Our world is such a beautiful place.
Dad and the little men in front of the biggest tree I've ever seen in my life.

There are a few bridges on the hike and they were Evie's favorite part. He loved throwing rocks over and looking for fish.

T and He and Me and T in a hollowed out humongous tree.

The beautiful look up!
These boys were so happy to be on an adventure--and so was their Daddy!

A family picture before we left the park. Will our kids ever look at the camera?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Back in Sac

We have three weekend trips to Sac planned in the next four weekends which means life is busy for this little Wiggy fam of ours! This weekend's trip was for a funeral of our dear Mommo (which was lovely and inspiring) but we also fit in a little fountain trip with Mema and Pepa and a Leatherby's lunch with Grandma and Auntie Lynn.
Pepa and the boys enjoying the colors and water...the boys were completely glued to this show forever! 

 We are always looking for an excuse for Leatherby's! Yum!

Friday, April 26, 2013

It was so undramatic

Everything about the last six months of my life has been dramatic.

Not only was I pregnant, but I was expecting a heart baby deemed incompatible with life. Not only was I nauseous, I was incapacitated on the couch. Not only did I miscarry and have a D&C, but my body decided to take it's sweet time in releasing what was left from my pregnancy. Not only was I carrying a heart baby, I was also carrying a baby with various genetic conditions--all harmful to him, some harmful to me as well. Not only could I not have that baby, but now there are decisions about ever having one again.

Sure, I've always had a palate for pizzaz, but lately, some plain vanilla  has sounded pretty appetizing.

And then this last Sunday, I woke with a strange new feeling. I was dry. For the last 20 weeks I have been consistently bleeding, sometimes as heavy as a cycle and sometimes as heavy as a thunderstorm, but constant nonetheless. And on Sunday, there was nothing. Nor on Monday or Tuesday. It was Wednesday before I called my doctor and asked what to do. Even Talmage knows that Wednesday's are Mommy's hospital blood days, but what was my doctor to do with this news? What was I to do with it?

"Stay home," she said.

"Stay home?" I asked.

"Yep, you can stay home," she repeated.

Not meaning stay home from life, mind you, just from her office. I didn't have to come in. It was Wednesday, but my arm was to remain bandage-free. My hcg levels have been dropping as slow as molasses for weeks now, and although she wanted them to be zero, she feels that where they are is safe enough. Some people never get all the way to zero, and why wouldn't it surprise me if I was one of those few ;) And so, with a few instructions about what I can and can't do for the next six months (can: have a normal period, if not, call immediately, can't: get pregnant, still not out of the woods) I hung up, feeling oddly unimpressed.

My miscarriage was over, and after 33 weeks so was my pregnancy, and yet I was somehow dissapointed at the lack of dramatics in the finale. Actually, it was completely undramatic. I guess I wanted to wave my "zero" on a flag pole for the world to see, or at least the courtyard. I wanted a real finish, not just a "close enough" ending. I thought I'd feel relief or accomplishment when it was all over, I really wanted to at least. But there I was, hanging up the phone with a conclusion that didn't match the plot line, feeling a little hollow. Maybe straight vanilla's not really my style?

{But then again, this did all happen on our 5th wedding anniversary--which is kind of ironic and dramatic in and of itself. Trying to be positive! Trying to be positive!}

So now a new chapter is starting in our family, again. This chapter will be about getting me healthy, a new kind of waiting, and searching for comfort in decisions--lots of family decisions! And I just hope that I appreciate it the same way I've appreciated the last six months. I don't have to always like it, but I sure hope I can appreciate it.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

FIVE years

James and I reminisced over our five years of marriage at NOLA in downtown Palo Alto, which has quickly worked it's way into my favorite-ever list! The food was fab and no, I've never been to New Orleans, but if it's anything like this place I'd surely love it. We splurged on crabamole, jumbalaya, ribs and fried chicken and mac n cheese. And when we thought we'd explode, our waiter treated us to a huge brownie sundae for our big day. I could barely move afterwards, but it was a good kind of full! Plus, I got to stuff my face while talking to my love and not getting after children--it was pretty much the best night of my life ;) 
Yum to all of this. It was so, so good. I need another excuse to go there, and I might just make one up! Or maybe I should learn how to make jumbalaya because it is so, so good!

James really spoiled me this year and it was super nice. While I was doing my morning run (five miles for five years) he made me a yummy breakfast and surprised me with a new Stanford mug with a huge handle--I love big-handled mugs. Better yet, the mug was full of candy that I snacked on all day long. I'm feeling pretty blessed as I sit here and think of my life. What a great anniversary. {PS--Saw that wall art outside the building and fell in love.}

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some other April Randoms

Courtyard Hike @ Foothill Park:
 I've loved working with all of these sweet kiddos and great families this year!
Giants Game--4th row!!!: 

You'll notice that my mouth is hanging open in all of these photos--and I would like to tell you that it was not staged at all! James got tickets from one of his professors (who used to own the Giants, no big deal!) and they were on the 4th row above the Giants dugout. It was incredible! Oh, and PS--they delivered our food to our seats. Unreal!
 Crazy T: 
He finished his dinosaur. He was a paleontologist (maybe the cutest word he can say) and dug up all the bones and then put this bad boy together.

This is how he came down from naptime last week. I wish you could have seen it! He had a cape and a medal on, star glasses under his spiderman mask and then a santa hat on top. It was hilarious!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Riding a Bike

We were at Ashley Mae's house and T picked up a little courtyard bullet bike and confidently said, "Hey Mom, I'm gonna ride this two-wheeler."
I should have known better than to doubt, this kid can move mountains people. This is the kid who at 2-years-old stood up in the bath and said, "I'm potty-training now," and sure as heck was potty-trained without so much as a reminder from me. Once this kid says he can do something, he can do it. But doubt I did. Albeit silently. Out loud I said, "Great idea T, let's see."
And all of a sudden, right before my eyes, my firstborn was riding a real bicycle. I was shocked and elated. There was no need for me to chase him, or help him balance, or do anything for heaven sake. That independent little chap just started riding, and I stood there clapping, cheering, tearing up and making everyone and their brother come watch him roll. And I mean everyone!
When we got home he asked his Daddy to take the training wheels off of his big bike and again, confidently rode off into the sunset without so much as a look in my direction (except to see what all my clapping and jumping was about!) My heart would swell everytime he'd round the corner of our courtyard and I could once again hear his "Woo-hoo! Yee-haw! Yessssss!"
I took a video of the whole thing (in between taking 500 pictures) and I smile as big as the moon hearing T say, "This is the best thing I've ever done!" You're amazing Talmage Scott. You're amazing! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

San Jose Discovery Museum

Last week was my turn to plan our Joy School activity and I scheduled a field trip to the San Jose Discovery Museum. It was so much fun, and you have no idea how relieved I was not to have to plan a craft (I so wish I was craftier!) We welcomed friends and neighbors and there ended up being 36 of us on this adventure which was so fun because there was always a familiar face in every room. What a blast!
Evie and Anthony cracking up at the floating balls! This is near the entrance and was a huge hit with all of the kids.

 The boys in bubble-land.

 The splash zone was by far T and Evie's favorite place. They got so wet and had so much fun!

Friday, April 19, 2013

His Birthday

April 13th was Jim's 27th birthday! Since I'm a year older than him, the rule is that he's never allowed to complain about his age--although I did hear a few grumps about how old he's getting! I just can't believe what a baby he is. Seriously, he's made really good use of those 27 years!!! We started the day with donuts from a local bakery he's wanted to try.

Evie and I had spent the night at the ER, so we were all moving pretty slow in the morning (Everett slept until 9). While he was asleep, Talmage and I went back and forth listing all the things we love about Daddy. It was adorable and so fun! (My favorite answers from T were that he loves that Daddy makes him breakfast in the morning and that he loves how Daddy loves his eyebrows!)

We were lucky to have Papa and GG still visiting for Jim's birthday. Everett loved to sit on GG's lap and read stories, and I thought it was hilarious that Evie's head is double the size of his Grandma's! Our sweet little bobble-head ;)

That morning Talmage was able to attend a soccer camp taught by the Stanford Women's soccer team. It was so fun to watch T and his friends run around and play.
Talmage and Franklin were wearing matching shirts from another soccer camp they attended. I caught this picture of the two of them playing freeze tag--couldn't be cuter!  
This is T's super serious face as he tackles the obstacle course!

After lunch and presents Papa and GG headed back to Sac, the boys napped, Jim did some homework (not even a break for his birthday!) and I headed to Costco to get the cake he's been coveting for years...literally!
That evening we had a little BBQ potluck with some of our courtyard friends. Of course the kids thought eating on a blanket in the courtyard was just about the coolest thing ever. We really need to do this potluck thing more often!

Andrew's birthday is a few days after Jim's so we decided to sing to both of them. Luckily they didn't have to do a join candle blow out, the wind took care of it!

 Most of the party-peeps! A few friend's left earlier so aren't in the pics...we wish they were!

 As if the day wasn't full and fun enough, we got the boys in jammies and caught the BYU vs. Stanford volleyball game. BYU won, and we were pleased (albeit conflicted). Happy birthday James! We love you!