Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nothing Says Summer... a trip to the California State Fair. I LOVE the state fair and look forward to it every year. Unfortunately, I have been out of the state/country during state fair season for the last SIX YEARS. Fortunately, this year I am here! Talmage and I went on a date with my family and our great friends the Fairchild's. We had such a great time riding rides, looking at the animals, window shopping, seeing a few shows and of course, nothing says the state fair better than fried food! That 10 inch corndog was so delicious...and yes, I ate every last bite!

P.S. This was Talmage's first official theme park ride. He loved every last second and was cooing and smiling...I, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck! I thought the horse was stationary and was scared out of my mind when it started bucking up and down. I held on with dear life and luckily we made it out safe!

Our Boy, Our Boy

Talmage is getting so big...but not quite the size of a Tahitian melon. Seriously, is that the biggest piece of produce you've ever seen? It reminds me of my prenatal days where each week Talmage was measured up against a different fruit or veggie (this week your unborn child is the size of a pinto bean, prune, peach, etc.) This fruit is seriously divine, and the kid holding it is even sweeter!

Our little fish in the bathtub. He loves to splash and laughs like crazy every time I wash him (he's SO ticklish!) And those big brown eyes seriously melt my heart!

And here he is in his big boy stroller. He LOVES taking walks (just like his Daddy) and the last few times we've strapped him in as a big boy. You should see his head turning right and left wanting to soak up every last detail. He's such an inquisitive child. And boy, that smile!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


What happens when two Taurus women decide they want to do the dishes and want the other person to relax? WATER FIGHT! The water fight was crazy fun (and really, really crazy!) and don't worry...we made up in the end! I have a super sweet video, but technically-challenged me can't figure out how to upload it. Below you can see us post-fight shaking on a truce. (I know what you're thinking, fighting over doing the dishes? Really? Once again let me mention that two Taurus women were involved!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Team Asilomar

The Wigginton family reunion was a major success. We spent three days on the coast and it was cool and gorgeous. Auntie Lynn had planned some great activities and we had a blast (she also gave the whole gang matching shirts, glasses and hats which we are sporting in the picture below!). Unfortunately our camera ran out of juice in absolutely no time so I only got a couple of pictures (and none of the little one)...but it was great to meet/see so many members of our family. We are so blessed!

Aunt Ash and Uncle Logo

Ashleigh and Logan came to visit from Idaho and it was great to see them. We love you guys!