Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let's Go Fly a Kite

All of my boys needed hair cuts and I had neither the time nor the energy to fight with the younger two on sitting still. So I bribed them. Awesome parenting, huh? If they sat still during the WHOLE haircut they were promised a toy from the dollar store. Seriously, that was the best $2 I've ever spent in my life. They were amazing, haircuts were done in no time (and with no tears) and we flew T's special kite all afternoon!
Daddy put it all together and held the kite up until the wind was just right. The kids loved flying, but maybe not as much as James and another dad-friend Andrew did!

Sometimes T shocks me with his generosity. He made sure everyone got their turn and was more than willing to let his friends share in the fun. He was mesmerized by the kite, which makes his sharing even more admirable.

Evie's special treat was a new bucket and shovel. He loves to sit and dig in our sandbox. But he was pretty much all eyes on the kite during this outside adventure.

I love their little faces looking heavenward to watch the kite fly. Again, let me say--best $2 I ever spent!

Our beautiful little friend Bella. She was still a baby when we met her and now she's so big, and gorgeous!

Thank you kite for making our Saturday so much fun. Let's play again soon!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Evie's Smile

Talmage taught Evie that it's funny to run away from me when I get out the camera. Everett thought he was the funniest person on earth. He'd run and laugh and trip, all the while saying, "siwy, siwy" (silly, silly for you non-baby talkers). He is so darn cute!

Puddle Jumpers

We don't get much precipitation in these parts, so it is a par-tay after a rainstorm. Boots and puddles made for hours of entertainment and bucketfulls of laughter. And of course, T is in shorts ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Playing Dress-Up

We have a big bin full of dress-up clothes and love to let our imaginations go wild. The boys LOVE, love, love hats and so we dress up more often than you'd think. I'm trying to enjoy it now because I fear in just a few (ok, 10) years that my two teenage boys won't want to play dress-up with their momma!  

Funny business from the clowns.

Construction Elmo. He loves to wear that hard hat and especially loves for the light to be ON (much to the chagrin of the batteries!)
Home Depot worker/clown/Santa ;)

Playing "obstruction worker".
 Daddy brought the boys pilot hats from Washington DC and they have been playing airplane even more ever since.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Playing Airport

James has been traveling a lot lately for work/school, so we've been playing A LOT of airport around our house. And with the airport and planes we got from Auntie Care at Christmas, we've been all set! During our most recent trip to drop James off, Talmage was enamored by the trains that circled SFO, so he decided to recreate what he saw. I must admit, I was impressed by his creativity--and how fun does that look? We also set up a dinosaur park and a zoo in our little airport town. I surprise myself with how much I love trains and trucks and cars and dinosaurs! I have really grown into being a mom of boys.
 Their creation!

 Evie the Zookeeper. That boy loves animals!
Talmage the conductor/pilot/creative director/boss-everyone-arounder!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Buzz and Woody and Jamba

Another day, another photo op with boys dressed alike (thanks to T-Man's love of matching). Do $1 Jamba Juice's taste better than regular-priced Jamba's to anyone else? Because they definitely do to me. I love Jamba deals, and so do Buzz and Woody.

Really, really, really love these boys.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Mother of all V-Day Posts

ALL Valentinesyish things from Valentine's Day week:
Thank you for falling asleep on the couch for the first time ever Evie Knight so that I could thoroughly examine your sleeping cuteness!

Lucie Stern V-Day/Chinese New Year party. Kind of an odd collaboration, and frankly, kind of an odd party, but T was pleased with his face paint and Everett liked his food truck noodles, so I guess it was a success.

 My little Picasso's hard at work.

Courtyard event funded by Stanford = Goodnight Moon at the Children's Theatre. I bet the people who planned this event didn't know that Goodnight Moon is Everett's all-time favorite book and he wants it read to him a million times a day ;) Oh wait, yes they did. Me and Alice are awesome ;)

Daddy and Evie devouring cupcakes at the heart party for LPCH. Everyone got a name tag, but the special heart kiddos got a big heart sticker as well. Everett LOVES stickers. LOVES them. He was one happy boy.

Super-T making punch for Mommy's special Valentine's breakfast (on the 13th, since Daddy was going out of town).

Donuts + heart plates + the knowledge that they would be eating candy all day long = happy, happy boys!

The boys each got a special dog house with a chocolate dog inside. The dogs lasted about 5 minutes before they were completely eaten, the houses are still being played with. They were happy so I was happy.

We delivered "Valentine Bread" to the ducks at the duck pond. The boys are matching, again, because Talmage changes his clothes everyday to match whatever Evie is wearing. I do love seeing them so matchy-matchy all the time!

Pizza and movie night with our BFF's while their mom and day celebrated V-day. They watched Cars and ate popcorn and it was so sweet seeing them all snuggled on the sofa!

 My DIY shirt. Kind of {read: really} love it. I've worn it 3 times this week!

Sometimes I think my children must have been switched at birth--like when we go to a dance and both of them are wallflowers and are slightly embarrased that their Momma is shaking her groove thing. Seriously? My children are not partiers? Weird.

 Dancing? Nope. Drinking juice.

 Dancing? Nope. Eating pizza. That little tyke consumed 4 slices!

Dance prizes were enough to get T moving. Barely moving, but it was a step in the right direction. It was a great dance! Loved it!
Happy Valenstine's Day (that's what T calls it!)