Sunday, September 20, 2009

Landy's Baptism

How lucky were we to meet this sweet girl?! Landy has been in America from China for only three short weeks and we were lucky enough to spend nearly every day together! I had the fabulous opportunity to use my Chinese and teach her the missionary discussions. I studied my language materials hard core and luckily with Heavenly Father's help a lot came back to me. She was baptized yesterday and it was such a special meeting. I love her and we'll super miss her!

This is us at her confirmation at church today. On my right is Sister Lin, a super awesome member in our area who is originally from Taiwan.

Ice Cream and Cake, Do the Ice Cream and Cake

Is anyone else obsessed with those Baskin Robbins commercials? Well, my mom surprised us with a 31 flavors ice cream cake...and she sang as she gave it to us! The real story though was in who got to eat the cake. Since we'll be gone for Talmage's first birthday we decided to give him a little sneak peak at the awesomeness of ice cream and cake. Yum! Is anyone else shocked that he loved it? I wasn't. He dug in. Let's be honest...I can't wait until he's one and we can do this again.

Apple Hill

Apple Hill is a McKee family tradition. We go up the mountain each year on the day after Thanksgiving to cut down a Christmas tree and eat the most delicious caramel apples EVER! Unfortunately, this year we won't be in town for the blessed occasion so we decided to take the hike up the mountain early. It was SO MUCH FUN. The cider, the caramel, the In-N-Out on the way home--such the great day!

All of the boys enjoyed their yummy treats. Jim a burger, Chase some caramel and baby Talmage chewing on a fresh Apple Hill apple!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Six Month Old Miracle!

Where does the time go? Six months have passed by so quickly and we are constantly reminded what a blessing it is to have Talmage with us. This last week he had a follow-up visit with the child neurologist. He wants to check on his development until Talmage is at least 2 years old because of our rather rocky start. As I was reminding the doctor of our nightmare of a delivery and Talmage's first few painful weeks in the world he was pacing back and forth in the room. The doctor looked at Talmage and then at me and said, "That is the most normal, perfect baby I have ever seen. Baby's who have been through what he has been through just don't look like that. There really must be a higher power, greater than us all, looking after him and your family." I know Heavenly Father is mindful of each of us and I know he must have great things in store for this little perfect man. He loves him and we love him SO much. What a miracle!

I was playing around with our camera at Noni and Grampa's. He is just such a doll!

Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson

We are so excited for Carolyn and Bryce. They were married in Portland last weekend and it was such a beautiful occasion, and they are such a gorgeous couple! When they started seriously dating, Jim and I thought we'd most likely be in England when they tied the knot, but luckily for us they chose to get married when we were still livin in the good ole USA. I was pretty emotional through the whole thing because I'm just so dang excited for our amazing sister, she deserves the best. Anyway, Talmage was a trooper and a real joy through a day full of pictures, parties and more pictures!

I absolutely love this pictures of my two handsome men!

Noni and Grampa's House

We just spent the most relaxing week in Washington with Noni and Grampa. It was so great to visit with them in their own habitat. This was Jim and Talmage's first Port Angeles experience, and it was my first visit in six years. Crazy! Our baby boy is becoming quite the world traveler (and as of next week that won't be an exageration!) and he did really well on the plane, bus, ferry and in the car on the way to their house. We had lots of fun adventures--hiking Meremere Falls, visiting Crescent Lake, fishing and crabbing on Grampa's boat, Hurricane Ridge, beautiful walks on their property and eating until we nearly exploded. And fortunately we fit in a few short naps and many long and great conversations with our beloved grandparents. Talmage loved playing with Noni and Grampa, and they loved spending time with their great-grandson as well. Thank you both for such a fabulous trip--we can't wait to come visit again!