Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Trip to Cali

Talmage took his first flight in an airplane. He was in seventh heaven (mostly because I let him eat the whole 1 1/2 hour flight) but let's be honest, I was officially a wreck! Something about becoming a mother. I even called the flight attendant over to get extra information about the oxygen masks that fall out of the roof if the plane loses cabin pressure. I didn't understand how the same mask that fits me was going to fit Talmage. Her answer, "It won't. That's why you put your mask on first cuz you'll have to hold it on him for the rest of the flight." Wow, that made me feel much better!

Baby Talmage got to meet LOTS of family when we went back to California. On the top is a five generation picture with Great-great Grampa Mose, Great Grammie, Grandma, me and Talmage. On the bottom is a four generation photo of the Wigginton men, Great Papa, Papa Scott, Jim and Talmage. Wow!

Talmage was blessed on Easter Sunday. What a beautiful spring day it was. We celebrated afterwards with a BBQ at the Wigginton's. It was so fun. Above are just a few of the pictures from the celebration (which PS--also turned out to be a surprise birthday party for my sweet husband). It was a wonderful day.

Oh yeah, and speaking of my husband's birthday. Jim is seriously the sweetest man alive. His birthday present to himself was surprising me with a super relaxing facial at this spa in Folsom. I was in heaven! But really, who does that? I married the greatest man EVER.

Baby Talmage

What a doll! I thought it very natural to start off our very first blog post ever with pictures of our sweet little (well, comparatively!) Talmage. These are a few of his newborn pictures taken by a super sweet and oh-so-talented photographer. We are so excited to have him in our family.