Thursday, September 30, 2010

at least a million

Our night consisted of...
...singing Bob the Builder's theme song at least a million times while T buried his chin in his chest trying to get a good look at Bob's face plastered on his newest jammies...

...eating at least a million BOB cookies (butterscotch oatmeal banana) which I whipped up last night to bring to a friend in the ward--who ps had just received another plate of cookies from another friend--whoops...

...and taking at least a million pictures of this crazy cat who hopped on the couch, put on his shades, and hysterically laughed at everything his dad did (while I hysterically laughed at everything he did!)
It was a good night, at least a million times over.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rain Rain

It's another rainy day here in NYC and Mr. T has spent the majority of the past few days sprawled out on the couch watching Signing Time and Chuggington. I can already tell this is going to be a long winter!
(Those boots are T's BEST friend. I'm not kidding. He has them on from the second he wakes up until the second he goes to bed. He would probably wear them to bed if I weren't afraid of his feet suffocating to death--and stinking to death!)

Miss Eisley spent the night last Saturday and that meant I was in charge of getting both of these chickens ready for church on Sunday. I always have fun with the T, but getting a girl ready--now that was heavenly!

She finally let me curl and do her hair, dress her and glitz her up...but she would not under any circumstance give me any smiles. But let's be honest, those pouty lips are so cute and she still looks incredibly darling.

And this is the only picture I could get of Talmage (kind of looks like David Beckham, huh?). You would think these people didn't like me constantly photographing them. Nah...

Oh, and one more thing, here is T licking his very first cookie dough beater. I'm almost positive he enjoyed it ;)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Date Night

Gray's Papaya for hot dogs and a pina colada
a visit to the New York City LDS temple
exploring the city, sans stroller, in the late hours of the night
the PERFECT date with my honey.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Autumn

Happy first day of fall
from the new (and beloved) turtle boots

from the T-man himself

and from Percy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

in no particular order
here are a few of the things going on around here

1. Eisley and T had another dance party. She spent the night last weekend so her parents could go on a dizzate...and these two had a blast. We put Eisley's crib in the hallway and the first thing she said in the morning when she woke up was T's name!

2. I was feeling totally and completely blosterphobic yesterday so I changed things up. I feel much better now...and I'm actually motivated to post. Hooray!
3. My cousin Sam and her boyfriend Louis came out to New York for the week for his Grandma's 80th birthday. We were lucky enough to steal some of their time away and went to the Bronx Zoo. It was fun to see all the animals, and T LOVED running around for hours on end...but mostly it was so nice to see family. Love you S and L!
4. SUCH a good new recipe. One pound steamed green beans with one minced garlic clove, one tablespoon butter, 2 teaspoons fresh lime juice, a pinch of white sugar and plenty of black pepper on top. They were really easy and really good.

5. My favorite animal at the zoo today:
Talmage's favorite animal at the zoo today:
6. The day after the crazy tornado that hit NYC, I took T down the hill to one of his favorite parks. The sky was gray and it was pretty windy, but T decided to run and play in the sprinklers. He had a blast, but was shivering and soaking when all was said and done. I stripped his shirt off, and wrapped him up in my sweater--but heck no was he going to be seen in his Mama's shirt! As I pushed him up the hill and through our little community you wouldn't believe the looks I got. Hello--I know it's freezing and about to rain, but what would you recommend? One woman said, "He's not wearing a shirt!" but then passed by faster than I could explain. Oh least he had fun!

7. Blogger won't let me upload videos. I have about a million to upload and everytime I try it says an error has occurred. The nerve. Any suggestions?
8. Have you seen T's hair lately? It's insane! I gave him a haircut, finally, and he looks much better. It was my first time using buzzers on his head and he didn't mind at all...I guess that's what Baby Signing Time on the tube and a binkie are for!

9. T rode on the bug carousel all by himself. He laughed and smiled...and licked the bar (sick!).

10. Just in case this post wasn't random enough, get this. Tonight when Jim was kind enough to give me a foot massage, T got up, ran over, kissed my toes and then helped his Dad rub my feet. Now that is called training them young!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Rooftop Tea Party

Talmage's friend Rose had her fourth birthday, and he was lucky enough to be invited to her rooftop tea party birthday celebration.
These little munchkins, clad in party dresses and ties, ate tea sandwiches, mini cupcakes, brownies and chocolate dipped strawberries...all while enjoying the beautiful view of NYC.
I must say that my Mr. T was looking awfully handsome in his tea party attire. I think it was the English coming out in him!
Laura did such a great time with the party. I mean really, look at that set-up...
...and since she not only has a four-year-old, but also these twin cuties, and she pulled off the party, I've decided I'm totally nominating her for mother of the year.
Talmage is so sweet. It's funny because when it's just the two of us he is super feisty, but when we get around other children he is super mellow and charming. I love seeing all sides of him.

Gabe is one of Talmage's best playmates. Isn't she the cutest?

They even sat next to each other at the tea party. How sweet!

Round one of musical chairs turned ugly when the birthday girl didn't get a chair. Tears. Hysterics. Plan B--put out enough chairs for all the kids and they all just have to sit down when the music stops. Round two of musical chairs failed when this little muchacho decided that the seat he wanted had been taken by another child...even though there were other open seats. Tears. Hysterics. We had no plan c and there was no round 3!
Mr. T lounging on the roof while all the other kids are playing games. He probably needed the rest after downing his portion of all the other kid's leftovers!

All the Tea-Partiers!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fun Turned Ugly

You are the sports fan. I'm the announcer. Let me tell you how it all went down.

This little monkey (looking awfully dapper in his autumn duds may I add) and his Dad embarked on an exciting game of cat and mouse. The monkey actually was the mouse, and his Dad, the cat.

The mouse was loving all the attention. He squealed around every corner. He didn't want to be caught, but let me tell you that if the cat was too slow...that mouse, well, he egged him on. He's a brave little mouse.

Look at that happy mouse. Look hard and memorize. For unfortunately, that smiley face is about to be turned right upside down...

...because the cat decided that the game needed to be relocated so that the mousey-mouse would stop slipping and sliding down the wet ramp. What a nice Daddy cat. But that is definitely not what the mouse thought.

He pushed and pulled and fought that kitty with all his might...but alas, the cat won.

And that did not make our mouse all. Actually, it enraged that poor little rodent. His body started flipping in super awkward positions and the hair on his head stood straight up. You should have seen the transformation from house mouse to lab rat. It was scary.

And that friendly game of cat and mouse...turned ugly. And ugly was how it remained until that little mouse of ours had his cheese and milk and went to bed. And then there was silence.

We interrupt our sports broadcast to bring you a family picture of the NY Wiggy's. You'll be excited to know that Talmage has become the token law school child and everytime we go visit Daddy everyone swoons over that little monkey, I mean mouse, I mean baby! They love him and are constantly telling me to bring him back more often. He has them all fooled ;)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I had him all dressed for bed in his MorMan night shirt (thanks Grampa!), and next thing I knew he was sitting on the rug with his cool-dude shades on! Everytime he wears them, I say, "Wow T, you look coooooolll." So when my eyes met his glasses, he said only one word, "Cooooo!"

What the heck. Does every parent feel this obsessed, amused, delighted and proud over every little thing? Or am I weird? Ummm....don't answer that.

And remember when I asked him to smile, and he ripped his glasses off his face and cheesed it up. Ah geez.

And as if that wasn't enough to make me melt into a puddle at his feet, he put one end of the glasses in his mouth in an I'm-an-intellectual-making-a-very-profound-comment sort of way. Or maybe he was hungry. Either way, I am the puddle.