Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pictures of: a baby, a thunderstorm, a cancelled flight and flowers

Our Tuesday was full of doctors visits and disappointment. Let me explain, and the best way to do so is to pretend we're at the dinner table and I'm taking my turn at our nightly ritual: good thing, bad thing. This is when all of us say something good and something bad that happened during the day, but I'm pretty sure that didn't need explaining.

So, the good part of the day was that I got to see our baby girl. I'm convinced that she looks just like my sister Ashleigh who is a total knock-out, so I am perfectly OK with that! Mostly I just can't believe that she's big enough to look like a legitimate baby. Wow, I'm excited to meet that little lady in a few months!

It was also good that T's pediatrician let us borrow an umbrella on our way home from his pre-op appointment because in the 30 minutes we were in her office Mother Nature decided to unleash her fury on NYC. The air had been suffocatingly thick all morning, but boy did that thunderstorm come on quick. As the 3 of us ran home under a little black umbrella Talmage screamed, "Mom, I'm pretty sure this is the year of the thunderstorm!" Which it has been. And normally we don't mind a day to stay indoors and in pajamas, but why oh why oh why did Tuesday have to be such a horribly stormy day?

Cue tiny violin music, a pity party and the bad thing portion of our discussion.

I woke to a voice mail from Jet Blue saying our flight back to Sac had been cancelled. I'm kind of not at all a morning person so imagine lots of tears and whining and that was pretty much my reaction. Luckily, they were able to book the boys and I on a flight to San Francisco which was less convenient but still got us to California on the same day. I checked that darn flight status all day and every time I saw "On time" my heart was full of hope, because I'm dramatic like that.

So we went about our business, I checked the flight status a million more times and we caught a cab to the airport. But as my darn luck would have it they cancelled our flight just as soon as we walked through the door of the airport. And it you're picturing me gracefully walking through those doors, think again. I was pulling three suitcases, carrying a purse and two backpacks and pushing the double stroller with both my boys inside. I was a hot mess, and a grumpy one upon learning that flight number two was no more.

Then we waited like our life depended on it in a line that circled that darn terminal 5. For hours. I should probably mention that I had to calm down my disgruntled children multiple times who were so mad that they started chanting, "Jet Blue babies! Jet Blue babies!" It doesn't get much worse than calling someone a baby around here, and hopefully Jet Blue got the message that no one should come between some littles and their grandparents. Talmage was feeling particularly hot-headed about the situation and kept saying, "Mom, you go up and tell those Jet Blue people how mad we are that they cancelled our flight. You get really mad at them, OK?" Me and him, we were on the same page right then. Although I tried to refrain from calling them Jet Blue babies, for maturity sake. 

Long story short, way too many hours later we were dishing out dollars to another cab driver who promised to get us through traffic as quickly as possible, which was probably more for his benefit than ours since he had two crying little boys and one crying pregnant Mama in the back seat. We are California dreamin' for a few more days. Blah.

But, if we want to look at the bright side (well, do we?) then I should mention that I saw Brandon Flowers in the cab line outside, and made a total fool of myself by telling him how much James and I adore his music. I've met my fair share of celebrities before, but never have I been more star-struck. He's kind of a big deal around our house! And one more good thing: James knew I would need a little pick-me-up after such a yucky day so bright, cheery flowers were waiting for me when I got home. My mood didn't match theirs, but I must say they're rubbing off on me.

Dear California, 
We won't be seeing you as soon as we hoped. But we're still coming!
Love, Mama Wig and her 2 1/2 Wiglets.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Entering my 3rd with my 3rd: On Subway Seats and Dirty Looks.

I'm getting to the point where kind Subway-ers are offering me their seats on the train. At first I wondered why the heck they were being so nice, and then I looked down and saw what T refers to as the "huge mountain" and understood--she's really, really making herself known these days. Random people are also telling me congratulations and asking me when I'm due and such. We realize together that October 1st is right around the corner which causes a large part gitty and a small part anxiety in my soul. A man on the bus the other day read the exhaustion on my face (and was only slightly annoyed about my two littles playing endless rounds of musical seats) and said, "It looks like those 2 1/2 babies are keeping you busy." Yes, busy is the truth. And 2 1/2 babies is right. People are confident enough to come right out and ask about the little Miss--now that's saying something about the state of my stomach. The second trimester ran away from me and it leaves me rather shocked that strangers can already tell I'm pregnant. For all intense and purposes it's about time, but all of the sudden I'm realizing that this, in fact, has been a very short six (or is it seven?) months of baby growth and that that baby girl we've prayed so hard for is going to be here. Soon.

In other news, enter more grumpy people than you could ever imagine glaring first at my boys and then at my stomach before leaving me with a disgusted look--right in my eyes. A few times the mama bear in me wanted to return a little attitude and ask why the heck they were giving me the stink eye. But I didn't. There's enough attitude in this city already, plus I need to save my energy for T and Ever's battles! Also, unless we've previously met in person I don't think it's any of your business whether or not I want more children. But just in case you're a random person asking me (insincerely, mind you) on the subway, just know that I'll tell you I hope I just keep having them forever and ever and ever. At least the dirty looks that statement provides makes me giggle all the way home.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mostly Joshua, Our Camel Friend


Mother Nature was kind in her delivery of a beautiful Saturday July 5th and we spent the whole day at the Bronx Zoo with tickets I recently won in a Mommy Poppins contest. Mommy Poppins is a city Mom's saving grace because it tells you everything that is going on in the city for kids each day. I have always loved it, but now more so than ever because FREE TICKETS! The best part of everything was that James was able to come with us--his very first time at the Bronx Zoo. Hooray!

The boys really wanted to ride on the camel and that just seemed like the perfect start to our Zoo adventure. I know we all think our kids are the cutest, but seeing my three boys atop Joshua the Camel I honestly wondered if other people were as smitten as me. On the train-ride home they all said the camel ride was the best part of their day so I'm really glad we made it happen.

Another highlight was the bug carousel. We rode a couple of times so that the boys could each sit on the "perfect bug." T was happy with his yellow ladybug the first go-around, but the second time wanted a red one. Ever wanted a yellow bug the first time, but then he decided he wanted a red one with spots. He was pleased as punch when I sat him on a blue spotted bug, and it wasn't until half-way through the ride when I said, "What an awesome blue bug!" that he said, "I'm not on a blue bug!!!" Have I mentioned that we wonder whether Ev is color blind? Oh dear, he thought he was on a red bug that whole time and I ruined it for him! Everett especially loved the up and down motion and it made me so excited to take him on rides at the State Fair in a few weeks.

We saw every animal at the Zoo and I was especially taken by all of the babies nursing on their mama's. I seriously sat watching the crazy monkey baby swing from trees (and from his mama's chest) for way too long. Oh, it was adorable and made me want to have babies forever. But of course I forgot to take a picture of that sweet, baby monkey (or the baby seals or the baby giraffe, darn it!) I did get a picture of the T-Rex from the dino safari though, because right now I have two little boys and this is where their interests lie.

After a good 7 hours in the park I came out of the bathroom and found my boys like this:

Yes, I think a late night of fireworks on the 4th and a full day at the Zoo on the 5th pretty much did them in. We were tired (and some a little grumpier than others) on the ride home...but boy did we sleep well that night!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The 4th

This city rocks at just about everything under the sun but I've gotta admit, I was underwhelmed with it's 4th of July festivities. Let me preface this paragraph with the truth of the matter: It's not you NYC, it's me.'s kind of you. OK, here's the deal.

I think for the most part the 4th of July is a small town sport, made amazing by parades and pancake breakfasts, waving to the Mayor, BBQing with family, and block parties with neighbors lining the street to watch little exploding fireworks purchased at a stand benefiting the local elementary school. We didn't really have any of that this year. OK, none of it darn it! Sure, Macy's hosted an impressive fireworks show over the East River (and even shot fireworks off of the Brooklyn Bridge--wowzers!) but there were over a million people bunched up in pens for hours waiting to see them (yes, Everett somehow talked me into going!) and for honesty sake, it didn't feel all homey and 4th of July-y and stuff. That being said, we did run into a dear, dear friend in those throngs of millions which was kind of magical in and of itself. And even better, her camera wasn't dead (but ours both were) and she just sent me a few fireworks pics, like this one:

The good news of the day was that James made me the most patriotic Belgium waffles in existence, just like I ordered them! And all that stormy wind (yes, the rainiest 4th you can imagine) made for some entertaining kamikaze kite flying down on the Hudson River. Actually, the best part of the day happened as we tucked Everett into bed that night and he said, "Dis was da best Fourf of Juwy I have evoh had!" So, there you go. Our 4th.

Monday, July 7, 2014

On days like today you ought to tell someone.

The free public pop-up pool in Brooklyn was our destination this morning. We swam and played in the sand box while looking at the gorgeous cityscape above. T made a friend named Jane and she let him use her goggles in exchange for his puddle jumper. It was a win-win I tell ya. When we were done, we walked along rocky Pier 2 back to the C train and looked at our home. It never gets old, that view. I was feeling mighty lucky in life during that moment, just thought I should tell someone.

Also thought I should tell someone about how the boys were in a heated debate during the full 30 minute train ride to the pool over where we were going. "We going to a new city, T. We going to Bwookwyn!" Everett excitedly said. And then Talmage rolled his eyes and said, "It's actually not a new city Everett. It's a part of New York City." And then Ev got huffy and said, "But we aw weaving Manahattan wight now. So we not hewe anymo." And then T said, "Yes Everett. We are leaving Manhattan and going to Brooklyn. It's a borough Everett. Do I need to teach you about New York City's boroughs?" And much to the amusement of everyone on the train, Talmage started lecturing Ever about how five boroughs make up New York City and yada, yada, yada (because that boy can lecture!) But as we took in our first views of Brooklyn after walking up way too many stairs at the High Street Station Everett's first sincere statement was, "Wow. Is beautiful. We aw in a bwand new city!" And the "HUUUUUUUUUHHHH!" huff that T let out made me giggle so hard I almost couldn't stop myself from falling apart. Night and day, those brothers. Night and day.

And one more thing I should mention, this time about the way home. She immediately caught my eye, that lady sitting across from us on the train. She was brushing her hair (or was it a wig?) and applying cherry red gloss to her big black lips. She caught my eye for some time before Everett caught hers, but man that little boy has a way into just about anyone's heart. She started yelling about how cute he was with a smile so wide you could see down her throat through the spaces where her teeth should have been. In true Ever fashion, he smiled back and was perfectly charming. T on the other hand started spouting out facts like, "Do you know women are called females? That means you're a female. Do you like being a female?" and normal small-talk like that! Pretty soon she yelled (and I mean yelled) to me, "Two boys. When you gonna have yoself a girl?" I smiled and pointed to my hiding baby bump and said, "She's right here!" Well, that just set her off. Before any of us knew it she was looking at the boys and belting out a little jingle, "You're gonna have a girl, she's gonna be in charge!" Lest you're thinking otherwise, just know she was singing LOUD and repeated that song over, and over and over again until she exited the train at 34th Street in route to a support meeting that started in five minutes. I guess she did stop singing a few times, mostly to ask me if I was finally done having kids now and to make the young man sitting next to her say she looked younger than 54, the age she'll be next month. But mostly, she just sang to us and danced a little and sipped something from a water bottle--water? maybe?

When we finally made it back to the 72nd Street stop T said, "Thank you so much for taking us to the Brooklyn pool!" and then under his breath I heard him humming the tune of, "You're gonna have a girl, she's gonna be in charge!" I have to admit that I was ridiculously amused, and it won't surprise me if I hear that song again a time or two--and somehow I don't think I mind. It was a normal and oddly magical sort of day today. Thanks NYC!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Uncle Andrew

Uncle Andrew came to visit from Chicago and it was SO great to see him. The last time we saw him I was pregnant with Everett and T was 2, so it was definitely good to catch up and it's always fun spending time with family. He treated us to Benihana (the boys were absolutely amazed by the chef throwing food around and making jokes) and then we spent a few hours walking around the MOMA before the boys made it very clear that it was time to go.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Uncle Andrew for the visit. We can't wait to see you again sooner than soon!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ev's big THREE day!


We have just closed another successful birthday season by celebrating our favorite three-year-old, Everett Knight. I still can't figure out how three years have passed since I held him in my arms for the first time and realized that all the love in the world couldn't match my feelings for his round cheeks and sweet disposition. But somehow, this time has passed and I must say that this was my favorite birthday with him yet! He was so excited about the simplest of things and so, truly grateful. Even with a raging fever and a yucky cough, he made the day marvelous! {And let's just talk about how he shows people he's 3 with his thumb and two fingers--adorable, right?}

For some reason all of my pictures from the day were uploaded in backwards order (from night to morning) but guys, it is what it is this fine afternoon because I don't have the patience to change it! So here's how Everett spent his from the bottom up if you want it in order!

Everett requested a Spiderman cake and I did my darndest to make him what he wanted! To be fair, he's such an easy kid I probably could have made any cake and he'd have been happy (except pwincesses!) and his cake requests changed by the day, but Spiderman was requested more than the others so Spiderman it was. He was mesmerized by that baby and I think we sang to him at least four times. His blowing-out-candle skills need work though, just sayin!

Speaking of skills, my cake-making skills are seriously lacking these days, but Ev immediately knew who was on the cake and it tasted super yummy so we'll consider it a success. Even if I thought it looked somewhat like a red blob-monster and my ever-honest brother Chase said it kind of scared him!

We met Daddy in Central Park for a Shake Shack picnic dinner so that we could launch some stomp rockets and take advantage of the beautiful summer evening. At some point Everett's shorts were ditched in favor of his undies, which of course is not at all surprising from Ever Knight who likes to be naked more than anyone I know! The birthday boy wasn't feeling well at all, so he was happy to cuddle with me for a photo shoot instead of running wild in Sheep Meadow. James took about 30 pictures of us together and I do believe I'll cherish those pictures as long as I live!

A whole lot of Everett's friends met us at Adventure Park for a popsicle party--which was as simple and wonderful as it sounds. We all ate rainbow pops in honor of the birthday boy and then the kids ran off the sugar for a few hours in the splash pad. He got his "big pawty", everyone got a popsicle, and it was just about the easiest kid-thing I've ever planned. And so I don't forget, I let Everett eat 3 popsicles because he was so polite and grateful! And then he got his desired birthday lunch--Gray's Papaya hot dogs.

Right after breakfast we started on presents and Everett was so excited. He kept saying, "Oh wow, I need to wite dem a fank you cawd tomowow!" He was oh-so spoiled and felt so much love and for that I am extremely grateful!

Breakfast of champions--donuts, bacon, OJ and bananas on the side! He took one bite (or lick) of a donut before pounding 6 pieces of bacon. That kid cracks me up with his love of meat! Talmage on the other hand ate a ridiculous number of donuts.

Happy Birthday my littlest love. I am so glad we could have so much fun together celebrating the awesome kid that you are!