Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekly Randoms

 Ever's pose makes me laugh so hard I want to cry! What a silly little friend I have on my hands. He and his buddy Chase were nice enough to model their spider hats for me. This last week has been so festive in their class and I love it!

 Milkshake run after they helped me do some RS service. They're the best little helpers. 


Ever was Star of the Week and putting together his poster was so much fun but it also made me cry. I can't believe how fast time is going. My little Ever Knight used to be a chunky little friend dressed up as the Stanford Tree and now he's a big kinder-kid! 

Never change Cora Sue, you hear me? You are the greatest, smiliest, loveliest human being on the planet. Thanks for being you, my dear. 

Quinny is the greatest little ball player. She pulls out her baseball, bat and tee and will play forever, hitting the ball again and again. She screams, "Mom, watch! Watch me! Wook, Mom!" and will seriously not stop hollering until your eyes are fixed on her. I can't wait until she's old enough to play sports, she's going to love it!

 Ever's scooter is broken and a replacement part is in the mail. I'd like to say he's taking it like a champ, but really he's crying and whining and complaining all day. He tries to use Quinn's scooter but she's not necessarily the best sharer in the world and plus, she bully's Ever like crazy (probably because he gives the best/worst reactions). Poor kid. Life is tough!

 Mama taking a pic of the little mama taking a pic. Monkey see monkey do much?

The older three were having a "snuggle party" on the couch and T begged me to bring Cora to the party. How in the heck did I get so lucky? Seeing them bundled up on the couch together makes me wish I could have just a couple more...and then the bedtime witching hours leaves me saying, neh...I'm good! They are the best though!

 We have the best climbing tree in our front yard. Isn't that what childhood dreams were made of? (Can you spot T up there?)

Wasn't Quinny JUST wearing these pajamas? And now they fit Cora. I swear I'm having major deja vu lately. 

 Ever Knight and I at the Halloween party in her Kinder class. I helped man the painting table and it was so fun. I love kindergarten! 

The kids and I made that cake, what what! And the best part of it was that it tasted DELICIOUS!!! It's banana chocolate chip bundt cake with a cream cheese ring. The kitchen and I usually don't get along all that well, so this was really exciting!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Day in San Diego

Cross country has pretty much ruled our Saturday's for the past few months so when we found out T had a day off we decided to sleep in and enjoy a quiet  wake up super early and head down to San Diego for a day of adventuring. During the month of October kids can go to the San Diego Zoo for free and since we have about a million dollars worth of children this was the perfect time for us to check it out! Grandma Winnie and Bruce are members of the Zoo, so they met us their and had fun together.

This was absolutely, positively and totally my favorite moment of the day. Especially since right after this picture was taken the mom was totally over nursing and just walked off and the baby went running after her, begging for more. It was hilarious!

Grandma Winnie has a fan!

The next grouping of pictures cracks me up. Talmage has decided that he LOVES having his picture taken, but only if he gets to pose himself. Each of these were his idea, which is adorable! He even got Ev in on the action. I just wish he'd give me a better smile when the picture location was my idea!

After the Zoo we went to an old 50's diner called Corvette's. James has fond memories of eating at this restaurant as a child, and now our kids will have those same feelings because this place was AWESOME and they can't stop talking about it.  Shoot, I can't stop talking about it! There were dancing waitresses donning beehives, there were greasy Elvis burgers and chocolate malts and there was even a live DJ spinning some sweet oldies (and taking requests, Blue Moon was our pick). I can't wait to go back! 

I bet you'll never guess what they ordered. Oh, what? A grilled cheese and a hot dog? Fries and orange soda? The same thing they order everywhere we go? Why yes, you are right!

Also at Corvette's? A full arcade! Yep, little boy heaven!

This may sound crazy, but after the super fun day we had my favorite part was probably the ten minutes we spent walking around the San Diego temple on our way home. It was so peaceful and beautiful and as I took this picture of my sweet baby girl with that gorgeous house of the Lord I couldn't help but feel pure joy. I love being a Mormon.  

So glad that families are forever!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Pumpkin Patch with my Pumpkins

I can't take credit for the idea of going to Underwood Family Farm (because that belongs to my friend Rachel), but I can take credit for organizing our "school group tour" with the greatest group of ladies and kids from church. It was SO much fun and left me feeling so blessed to live in this great area with such stellar ladies. It also made me reflect back on last Halloween when I was still so new and so lonely in this area--it's amazing what a year can do. The boys were out of school so they got to join in on the fun. We went on a hayride, picked out mini pumpkins, ate pumpkin cookies and watermelon popsicles and left feeling the fall spirit--minus the massive amount of sweat (it was a cool 80 degrees that afternoon, autumn weather indeed!)  

This picture was actually the last snap before we left the Farm (lazy lady here can't be bothered to switch them around!) I promised the kids popsicles if they gave me a big smile, and all four of them listened! Sure, Quinny closed her eyes and poor Coco didn't get the promised pop but this picture is my favorite!

I mean, come on right now. Look at this group!!! Fun, right? There are a few people you can't really see behind my massive head (sorry Elaine and Erin) and I can't find Lauren, Kat and Melissa in these shots, but this is pretty darn good considering our group was just two people shy of 50 people!

The left and right side of the tractor on the hayride. More people can be seen, although my big head was still kinda in the way ;) 

Bless Elaine and her baby-holding skills. She gave Coco some love so I could give Quinny some love and grateful doesn't even begin to describe my feelings. Misty also took a turn during lunch but clearly I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture. It takes a village, that's for sure. Especially on adventures to the farm. 

She has no personality, poor girl. Not a bit of pizzazz to her name!

Love these boys and their great group of friends. I was lucky enough to be sitting by the boys and they were cracking me up with their conversations about the army, pokemon and Star Wars. 

Love these two.

^^^Real life pumpkin patch picture right here! Coco is crying in the football hold. T is squinting and smiling awkwardly. Ever is pouting because we had to take a picture and Quinn is trying desperately to run away from me. Awesome. ^^^

The boys ran around playing army and did whatever Zaylin told them to do. Good thing he's such a good kid, because I'm pretty sure they legitimately would have done WHATEVER he told them to do!

How is my biggest baby so big already? 

Coco's smile for the win. Love you baby girl!!!