Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Sunday...sort of

(Me and T in our Easter duds)

We decided to celebrate Easter a week early this year (we'll be out of town for the real deal) and it was so much fun spending time with amazing friends and eating good food! The original plan was to have the event on Sunday, but we ended up having an Easter Monday. Close enough, right? I made ham and funeral potatoes, Christa made delicious rolls, Mitch made the best ever coconut sticky rice with mangoes, we had veg and salad and shloer (kind of like Martinellis). We talked and laughed the night away. Our Easter Monday brought joy and love, friendship and hope, peace and clarity...all things the Savior offered all mankind on the first Easter holiday. I am grateful for Him always, but especially during this beautiful Easter season. Happy Easter to all!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feeding Donald (and mostly Talmage)

Spring has sprung here in Cambridge.
And we hope it's here to stay!
Last night we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and take a sunset walk down by the river Cam.

The ultimate goal was to feed these cute little ducks.

But this cute little duck decided he wanted Donald's grub.

So instead we enjoyed this incredible sunset.
And we stopped. And we let it sink in.
And it was wonderful.


And just in case you enjoyed T's last crazy sleeping position, this is how we found him this morning. Maybe he fell asleep saying his prayers last night? And then maybe his head got cold so he put 3 blankets on top of him? Maybe I entertain myself sometimes!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brushing and Climbing

Talmage is absolutely obsessed with his toothbrush. He LOVES brushing his teeth! In fact, he knows exactly where his toothbrush is kept in the bathroom and if the door is left open he crawls 900 miles an hour straight to his green dino toothbrush. I'm actually really impressed because he doesn't take our toothbrushes; he grabs his own and starts brushing away. So have no fear, even though he lives with the British, he's going to have American teeth!
**Hey Aunt Ash. Do you see what hand he's using? Yep, I think we might have a lefty on our hands. You two must be kindred spirits!**
What a clever little boy! He found the drying rack stored beside the fridge, pulled it out, leaned it up against the dryer, and then tried to climb up. He will climb anything in sight these days. He loves stairs, chairs and laps!

Love this crazy little kid.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shnuggles with Paddington

Talmage has a new BFF.
Paddington Bear.
A member of the ward gave him this oversized teddy for his b-day, and he loves it.
He wrestles with Paddington, laughs at Paddington, and even cuddles with Paddington.
This morning I was doing my hair (while T was playing with a ladel) and next time I looked down I saw Talmage using Paddington as a pillow.
So sweet. So unusual.
Talmage, calm? Shnuggling? Sitting still without bribery?
So sweet. So unusual.
Maybe it had something to do with him staying up WAY too late last night, or waking up WAY too early this morning. Just maybe.
But anyway,
I'm so glad that T has found a new BFF.
But maybe, just maybe Paddy can share a shnuggle or two with me?

Monday, March 22, 2010


We check on the kid every night before we go to bed. For the first 11 months of his life, we would find him on his back, just like we had left him. These days it's a different story! Now we find him in new and exciting positions each night. We end up laughing ourselves into our bedroom, trying not to wake him up.

Really child...is that comfortable?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a SUNNY day in LONDON town

Sorry Mr. Buble. On Monday, your song had to be altered just a little bit. The fog-fairy took a day off and there was nothing but beautiful, bright, warm, gorgeous sunshine all day long in London town. It was perfect.

Jim finished two of his three finals last week (only one final and a thesis to go) and we decided to celebrate with a day trip to London. As always, we packed our day full of activities and had such a blast.


A super-cute indoor/outdoor market where Eliza Dolittle sold flowers in My Fair Lady. We even found Eliza's sweet shop!


We ate lunch at a delicious hole-in-the-wall Chinese place, and just enjoyed walking around the awesome street. I LOVE China town!


...who lives on Drury Lane.


This museum is super charming! Maybe one of my favorites. It is FULL of loot that the British took when they invaded/took over other lands. (OK...and some of it was purchased fair and square...but that's not as good of a story!)

The Rosetta Stone.

An awesome tomb from Lykia.
When Jim first saw it, he said, "Hey look, they stole a temple from Athens!"

T and I waving for the camera by the Elgin marbles (sculptures from the Parthenon).

In honor of our visit to China town.

Who looks grumpier?

This gorgeous manor home is on a hill on the outskirts of London. The house is SO Jane Austen and I immediately fell in love. Every room was so well put together and I especially loved the library. (This house was in Notting Hill, just in case you want to take a peak.) From the back garden, you have an incredible view of the whole city. Awww....

I want to live here when I grow up.

The backyard/garden.

I love those boys. Can you see the city behind them. Wow.

Mr. T laughing at Daddy.

Jimmy and a black swan.


The Royal Standard was waving proudly on top of Buckingham Palace, which means the Queen is at home. Yep, the Queen of England is somewhere in that building. Sweet to think about, huh?

London, We hope to see you again really soon.

Mr. Buble, We hope you are wrong next time as well!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Milk-Free Mother's Day

Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK. Since we're still American, I told the Daddy and the kid I bore that they were totally welcome to spoil me on Mothering Sunday, AND on American Mother's Day. I don't mind if I do!

It was a good day. I spoke in church. We ate leftover cake from T's party. We went on a walk to see baby Margaret (our new SUPER cute two-day-old friend who shares a birthday with T) and saw a gorgeous rainbow. I got to hang out with my two best men all day long and loved every second of it!

Now, let's talk milk.

T and I had started weaning each other from nursing the past little bit. We went from a million times a day, to about three times a day for the last month, and then just one morning feed this last week. I'll be honest, I was the one holding on. I love nursing time--it's the only time my crazy little boy will lay in my arms. It's such a sweet, special time.

SO, on Talmage's birthday he woke up and we started the festivities. Pancakes, parties, walks, hats, cupcakes, etc. It wasn't until later that day that I realized I hadn't nursed him, and more importantly, he didn't mind. He had a sippy cup of milk and didn't seem to notice that we didn't have our normal nursing time. I realized at that moment that my nursing days were over. One full year (to the day) of nursing, and now my milk is gone and we are a sippy cup family. It has been more bittersweet than I expected (for me!), but I'm so excited for the new steps our little man is making in becoming a big boy! It was a milk-free Mother's Day for me!

I think Jim is actually enjoying feeding Talmage his cup of milk at night. What cute boys!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's My Party...

We celebrated Talmage's birthday today with a little pizza party at our home. I'm pleased to announce that he didn't cry (but he could have if he wanted to! Ha!) We ate food, watched T open presents, ate cake and had lots of fun! He is such a sweet, well-loved little boy. Thank you so much for everyone who sent gifts and love! We wished all of our family could have joined us on this special day...

The spread. Minus the pizza.
Talmage loved all of his presents. Thank you everyone! He loved his gifts (and REALLY loved the ribbon and wrapping paper.)
T and Dante playing with birthday toys, and, of course, ribbon!

Daddy and T reading one of his new books.

Dr. Martland was so excited to celebrate the little tot's birthday with him. Talmage cuddled right up to him and sat on his lap for a good 10 minutes...what a treat!

The cake!
Up close on his cute name!

Me and T last night after I finished the cake. Hooray!

Singing happy birthday to our birthday man!

He LOVED the cake. It was so cute!
And boy do I love to see that smile!
Talmage laughing at Rob.