Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Very Barfy Christmas (And a Coughy New Year)

How was our Christmas, you ask? It's too soon to go there, I'm afraid! The short story of what felt like a lloooonnnggg Christmas break was that we were all miserably sick for basically the whole time. There was a terrible stomach flu that took out each member of our immediate and extended family one unfortunate soul at a time and then there was the horrible cold that rushed both girls, Uncle Chase and Mema to Urgent Care with fevers, bronchitis and ear infections. There was so much barf. There was so much coughing. There was absolutely no sleeping and very little peace on earth. There were lots of antibiotics and pain relievers administered, boxes of saltines and tissues used and hundreds of hours of movies watched. We have no pictures of us in our Christmas best because basically for a week straight we didn't leave our jammies. I'm always tired but I'm extra tired when I think back on those ten days (and worse yet, nights!) They didn't see any of us Wigs at our best, that's for sure.

That being said, my little boys keep commenting on how this Christmas was the greatest one ever and Quinn keeps begging to go back to Mema's house. They were just as sick as the rest of us, but isn't it amazing how kids have the ability to be so positive, so forgiving and so optimistic. Talmage is in love with his new bike, and the Po Dameron X-Wing lego set he's always wanted was wrapped under the tree. Everett can't stop looking at his pokemon cards and gifted Cora his scooter when his new bright blue beauty was delivered by Santa. Quinn is excited about her pink bike and Coco can't stop chewing on her new Sophie giraffe. More than that, though, they keep talking about how their cousins are their best friends, their grandparents the greatest, their aunts and uncles the funny and funnest and how hanging out with them for almost two whole weeks was the best part of their year.

Their glass-half-full example makes me remember the best moments of this holiday season, like an impromptu daddy daughter date with Ash and my Pops to the bookstore where we promised him Dollar Store money if he wore Quinn's headband through the store (which he did, and we paid up!) They help me remember Quinn's sweet, sick voice whispering to me in the dark, "Mom, don't weave. Stay wif me." and the magical feelings in my heart knowing that this Christmas my gift to her was laying by her side and helping her feel safe. They remind me that Santa visited on the mountain bringing with him toys and renewed Christmas spirit, that we visited Great Papa in Memory Care and sang him songs while he stroked Quinn's back, that Avers and Quinners got pedicures from Mema on the kitchen table before helping make juice for the masses. This Christmas we met Brendan and saw how his eyes sparkle for our Kate--young love for our youngest sister, so beautiful, so nice. I always want to remember how wonderful it was to give meaningful gifts to our family this year, and how spoiled we felt by so many meaningful gifts meant just for us. And oh my, I will never forget reading the book that Talmage wrote for me all about our family and bawling because he is so wise, so eloquent, so full of love and gratitude and so many of my dreams are coming true through him. It doesn't take much effort to realize that this Christmas was one of the loveliest.

Of course we hope that the Christmas of 2017 and all those that follow are full of health and happiness, but were they to er on the side of sickness, I pray that I can always remember the incredible examples shown this Christmas by Mr. T, Ever Knight, Quinny-Girl and Coco-Ru and see the good. There is always good to be seen. Always.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Winter with the Wigs

It was all fun and games until the sickness going around the Little Wigs spread to the Big Wigs and Co. My level of bummed out was super high, especially when the cutest Papa and Gigi outing had to be cancelled because everyone was sick (and unfortunately, stayed sick for the duration of our stay). I'm hoping for a raincheck sometime when we're together again! 

Coco was the only baby on board when we took Kate and Brendan downtown to see their wedding venue. She is just the sweetest dolly and was soaking up the attention that comes with being an only child for the afternoon.

Getting ready will be a pleasure when we can look in these pretty mirrors, right Kate? I'm so excited for May 19th!

Cora Sue and Uncle B!

We caught Santa unloading a few gifts under the tree. It was all the feels and absolutely made our Christmas Eve on the mountain. I can't imagine what kind of strings had to be pulled so that Santa could leave his busy workshop and come be with us, but gosh am I grateful for every effort.

The look of magic and excitement on T's face here is priceless. T finally got the Battle-boxing Robots he has told Santa about the past two Christmases and it made his year! Just in case you're wondering, his reaction made mine!

That jolly old St. Nick sure made for a magical night on the mountain.

Grampa and T were playing Battle Boxing Robots together for a long time, and having a blast!

Christmas jammies with the wonderful Wigs.

On our way out of town we went to visit Great Papa in Memory Care. I can't adequately describe how much I adore him and how much his warmth and love have meant to me since joining the Wigginton family nearly a decade ago. It breaks my heart that we can no longer really communicate, and I just hope and pray that he is comfortable and at peace inside his mind. We spent most of the visit holding his hand and reminding him how much we love him through old stories, memories, songs and conversation. He said three words during our whole visit. Pointing to baby Cora he said, "What's. Her. Name." We told him that her name was Cora and we call her Coco. He didn't give any response or reaction, but I'll forever tell Cora that her Great Papa loved her so much that in his silent state he somehow found a few words just for her.

One of the most tender moments of our visit was when Quinn decided to go give Great Papa a hug and he in turn started rubbing her back. She laid her head on his lap and was perfectly still as he tickled her back and head. The boys were singing "What a Wonderful World," Cora was cooing in James' arms, my eyes were wet with tears and the moment was just too perfect. The boys have years of happy memories of time spent with Great Papa and I'm glad these girls will have a handful of happy memories as well.

We love you Great Papa. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas at MePa's

'Twas the year of the flu this Christmas, but we were able to squeeze in a few fun things when everyone was feeling (mostly) ok. I can't think about it too long because I'm so bummed that so many of our fun plans never happened, but at the same time I am glad for the things we did do and the memories we made. 

The carousel and a visit to Santa at the Galleria.

Mema's little helpers--they took their daily juice-making very seriously!

Daddy-daughters date!!!

Dovewood Court to see the Christmas lights (^^^Always my favorite house^^^)

The Jelly Belly Factory (let's try not to remember screaming babies and puking toddlers!)


Sister Trip for Manis (my first time with gel, two thumbs up!)

Sunsplash for golf and games (minus the golf because the wait was two hours! Games ftw!)

This (a few days before) NYE appetizers meal was just what we needed. It was so delicious and festive and helped us all feel a little more jolly about the holiday season.

 When I look back on this Christmas I hope I always remember how much these cousins love each other and how much joy they find in each other's company. We are richly blessed to find best friends in our family and it was never as apparent as it was this Christmas.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Seeing Stanford

James and I have wanted to visit Stanford for ages, and finally made it happen on our trip back to Sac for the holidays. Seeing Natania, Brady and their boys was a top priority for our trip, and when I asked if we could come visit Natania immediately invited us to stay with her--so typical of Natania. During our days at Stanford, Natania showed me what it meant to effortlessly serve others, to love by words and then by deeds. She is goodness embodied. It was Natania who brought me my favorite cupcakes the morning I miscarried. It was Natania who offered to pay for a hotel for James when he had to travel back east unexpectedly. It was Natania who planned a pizza party for T while we were in the hospital with Evie. It was Natania who wrote me notes and shared secrets to calm my often troubled heart. The list of ways Natania has served me is long and the reasons why I adore her are even longer. We haven't seen each other in years and yet sitting in her living room with her four boys and my four chickens felt just like old times. Seeing the Quist's was a Winter Break highlight and I hope it won't be quite so long before I see them again (and by hope, I mean IT CAN NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, BE SO LONG BEFORE I SEE THEM AGAIN!!!)

Did I forget to mention that Natania opened her doors to the Wiggy six after welcoming her fourth boy two weeks before our visit?! Baby Edison is adored by all and we were so happy to properly meet him!

After too short with the Quist's we went to campus to look around. The boys were anxious to get to Sacramento so the visit was much shorter than we anticipated, but we saw our old home (which will be torn down in lieu of single student housing this year) and played for a minute in the neighboring courtyard. It seems like so long ago that I was living within those walls, and yet I wanted to bust right through the door like I owned the place.

Cora had her very first swing in the courtyard. It only seemed fitting since I spent years pushing Ever Knight in that exact same place. He was a baby who loved the swing and it seems like Coco is following suit. We saw a few friends and then hurried off to campus.

I love Stanford so, so, SO much! We went to the bookstore to get some swag and the boys insisted on a picture with the Stanford tree Christmas tree. Isn't it so much fun? Are you remembering back when Evie dressed up as the tree for Halloween? Look at those big boys now!

My only campus wish was getting a family picture in front of the Memorial Church. But as luck would have it Quinn's only campus wish was NOT getting a family picture in front of the Memorial Church. It wasn't worth the fight so I opted for a pic of the Wiggy men instead. I love that beautiful church.

Law School!!!

James, T and Quinny climbed the stairs at the law school but Evie was too tired and opted to sit on the steps with Cora and me. We reflected on our time at Stanford and I told Ever story after story. This University not only gave James and our family a great education, but through it's hospital and doctors it gave my baby Everett Knight a second chance at life. I don't think my gratitude for this place will ever know any bounds.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Santa Babies

I still can't believe I have these two little girls to finish off our family. They are a couple of my best blessings and I'm sure someday they'll be a couple of my best friends. For now, they're the sweetest little Santa babies.