Saturday, August 13, 2016

Coco's 1st Dodgers Game

We are so spoiled! Another day, another Dodgers game with incredible seats. This time we were behind home plate and wow, what a game we saw! We are so grateful to the generous partners at James' firm who offer us their tickets and help build our family culture. I love having adventures and creating memories with our little Wiggy six (even when it's a lot of work and even when people look at us like we're crazy!) Go Dodgers!

She may have been wearing pink but she was definitely cheering for the blue. This angel baby just took it all in, and then fell fast asleep (and remained asleep in my arms for the remainder of the game). I love this girl so much.

A couple of Quinny's favorite things: her Daddy and peanuts. Although don't think she would allow Daddy to crack her peanuts for her, she do-ed it herself!

This boy is SOOO much fun to take anywhere because he just loves life like no one else I know. You should have heard him cheering and yelling and talking about how this was the best game he's ever been to and how lucky we all are. He's decided his favorite Dodgers player is Howie Kendrick because we got his bobble head and he hit a home run. It was great. I love his enthusiasm!

The teenagers behind us became Quinny's fast friends. They were so good with her I honestly wanted to ask for their numbers so that they could babysit. Seeing this picture now, I wish that I would have!


The best family picture we could get of us all there! Luckily we had way more fun than this picture would lead you to believe. ;) We'll consider Coco's first Dodgers game a success, can't wait until her second!

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