Thursday, June 1, 2017

An Almost One-year-old

One week from today my last baby will be one year old. Time is trippy, that's for sure. It seems like only yesterday I was big and pregnant, willing this little miss to stay in my belly so that I could attend all of the end-of-school events and performances for her big brothers (obedient even as a fetus, this one). Now we're doing the end-of-school stuff once again, only this time with an 8-toothed, wide-grinned, standing-but-not-walking-and-always-wanting-to-be-held-by-Mama darling in tow. Cora is just so easy to love and I love her so hard. She is the grandest of finales for our family and I'm so grateful she's ours.    

I have a feeling this lady love is not far from walking. She crawls super fast, stands on everything and cruises along furniture, but in true fourth child fashion she is uber content (and actually prefers) to be carried around. She's not in a hurry to get bigger, and that makes two of us!

Always smiling with her cute little mouth, scrunchy nose and those sparkling eyes. She's a dream. 

A girl can only pose for pictures so long before she's back on all fours, ready for another adventure. And ready or not, here comes our next adventure--a one-year-old Cora!  

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