Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Out of Gas

One of Talmage's great anxieties in life is running out of gas. I don't know why he's so afraid of this or why he thinks it would happen to me (I mean, I'm so together in every aspect of my life, wink wink) but he is super spooked. A few months ago it was getting seriously out of hand so I put a moratorium on mentioning my gas tank and cleared the "how many miles until you run out of gas" feature from my dash. This actually did stop him from mentioning it every. darn. time. we got in the car and boy was a I relieved...but turns out it also meant that I didn't know how many miles until I ran out of gas. So, gulp, for the first time ever, I ran out of gas.

I was pulling into Toys R Us with all four kids in tow to buy a new carseat for our big girl Coco when I noticed a random blinking light on my dash. I had never seen it before and hope to never see it again, but now know it's the "hey dummy, you're basically two seconds away from running out of gas in the middle of rush hour" blinking light. I quickly turned on the "how many miles" feature and unfortunately T and I saw the big fat ZERO at the exact same time.

"Um, Mom? So remember when you promised me that we'd never run out of gas? So, um, do you think we should call AAA right now because I think we actually ran out of gas. Right now."

Despite his declaration that we immediately needed to have our car towed, T wasn't as freaked out about the dilemma as either of us expected him to be, and to be honest I wasn't freaked out about it at all. In a twisted sort of way I thought our situation was hilarious so maybe that was Heavenly Father bringing peace to my soul or maybe I was losing my marbles but either way, I kept my cool. We still went to the store. We still bought Coco a carseat. We came out and like it or not, we still had no gas. But you know what we still did? Tried to drive our no-gas derrieres to the gas station.

The van was sputtering and I asked Talmage to say a prayer asking Heavenly Father to please let us make it to the gas station. It was only a few miles up the road but I seriously had my doubts. He said a beautiful prayer, I thanked him for his sincerity and then I asked him what he thought.

"Well Mom, some blessings don't come until later and I don't know if this is one of those times."

I literally had tears coming out of my eyes I was laughing so hard. But at the same time I was so proud that he realized that sometimes you can pray your heart out for a righteous desire and still not receive it. Such maturity in that little man and such a great truth to learn early in life.

Luckily for everyone, this was one of those times when the blessing came now! We made it to the gas station and filled up what I had always thought was a 19 gallon tank with 19.95 gallons of gas. I guess it fits 20 gallons and I guess we got reallllly lucky. We drove home high on our surprising success story and with a renewed commitment to feed our fuel tank. I have a feeling T won't let me make this mistake again!

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