Saturday, May 27, 2017

Pinewood Derby and Fast Food One

Both James and Talmage took the challenge of making their first ever Pinewood Derby car very seriously, as any good Cub and Daddy Bear should. James was not a scout as a kid so we literally started at ground zero, but after watching a few Youtube videos, reading a little tutorial and scouring pinterest for creative ideas we got to work (and lest I make you think we are at all on top of things, said "got to work" happened the week of the race when James was working insane hours, the girls were sick, we were packing for KB's wedding and T kept saying, "So...shouldn't we take it out of the box now?"!)

T said he wanted a car that was super fast but also super cool, and we were quick to manage expectations by passing on Pepa's Pinewood wisdom that those two usually don't mesh. The fastest cars are usually the simplest and the cool ones rarely are the first down the track--so we had a decision to make. It really came down to this--James and T were going to make this car go as fast as they could but as first-timers they had little control in the outcome (also, they learned that some of those tips and tricks found online are easier said than done). What could they control? Making it creative and fun! Thus the decision to create Fast Food One.

Our little french fry car finished above average in the races down the track and T was pleased as punch with the results and had such a blast racing and cheering and comparing cars. But the real win was when the leaders announced that T's car had won the People's Choice Award, the only award voted on by participants. We may not have been the fastest, but we won the popularity contest, haha!

The boys are already planning their car for next year and Quinny wants in on the action as well with what else, a cheetah car. Daddy has his work cut out for him! In the meantime, we'll just count this as a first Pinewood Derby success story! Being a boy mom is so fun sometimes.

We were one of the first people there and the boys had a lot of energy to burn off after the long drive back from Sacramento. 

Just a few of the awesome cars from our pack!

I love these boys. Such a great group of friends!

We're so happy for you T! Love you, our little Cub Scout!

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