Wednesday, July 5, 2017

All the heart eyes for downtown LA

I don't spend nearly enough time downtown, which was evident by my giddiness whilst walking among the skyscrapers of Los Angeles. I feel invigorated in the heart of a big city, and even though I still live in LA proper there's something about the towering buildings that makes my heart sing...and dance...and keep my babies out all day with no naps in sight! #worthit 

Despite my best efforts to pull myself from the fun, we played our hearts out and didn't leave until 5 pm. But you know how I know Los Angeles loves me right back? We didn't get stuck in rush hour traffic and 20 minutes later I was bathing my babes. That's what we call a modern-day miracle! 

Here's a little photo recap of our day from Olvera Street to City Hall to Grand Park. Next time I have visitors this is definitely where I'm taking them (please come! please come!) Gosh, this place was fun!

We started in the Plaza by Olvera Street. We took a 30 minute child friendly tour and the amazing guide taught us all about the history of this area. We all learned SO MUCH!

The group kept growing as the day went on and almost nothing makes me happier than seeing so many friends adventure together. 

The first home in Los Angeles, with the original grapevines!

The taquitos with fresh avocado sauce were amazing, but I'm not kidding when I say those beans were from another planet they were so delicious. I've been daydreaming about them ever since and feel like a drive downtown for beans would not be a bad idea right now--they're that good!

Quinny wants to be just like Taylor and since she plays the violin, Quinny also wants to play. Good thing Olvera Street was selling little "biowins" so that Quinn could live her musical dreams. Don't even think about telling her it's a guitar, boy she'll set you straight!

The views from the free Observation Floors at City Hall were incredible in every direction. How I had not done this before I just don't know. Seeing a cityscape makes me so happy!

Pretty City Hall and approximately a million children keeping it from feeling peace.

We're still dabbing every two secs around here, and you?!

I mean, c'mon! Is there a prettier place to splash around in the world? I'm thinking this definitely is topping the list!

I love random parks tucked into courtyards between buildings. Spotting them feels like finding a hidden treasure.

Blurry picture because I had so many children tugging on me wanting a piece of this action! Mr. Churro for the win (the chocolate and caramel filled were SO good!)

We came. We saw. We ate. We conquered.
And boy did we sleep well that night!

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