Sunday, July 9, 2017

Magic Castle

Our friends scored tickets to the Magic Castle, a private nightclub for magicians and magic enthusiasts, and somehow James and I were lucky enough to be their plus two! I have wanted to go for SUCH a long time but because I'm not chummy with anyone in the Academy of Magical Arts I couldn't get tickets so this invitation felt (still feels) like magic in and of itself. The Magic Castle strictly enforces their formal dress code, don't allow photos inside the club, force you to buy their pricey dinner and we were definitely the only ones not tipsy in that place but you know what? They can! And it was all worth it! Because that place is freaking phenomenal.

We saw Handsome Jack perform in a small theatre, a tabletop card show done by an old gentleman who had also dazzled Sinatra in his day, and then the main event was Derek Hughes and the Clairvoyants in the larger theatre. I'm skeptical by nature and would have believed that everyone participating in the shows were planted were it not that I WAS CHOSEN! How could good old Handsome Jack have known the words I was going to say and have them written inside a sealed envelope? It was absolutely miraculous! I have no idea how any of them did any of the magic we saw but it was exciting and entertaining and often times quite hilarious. 

James and I usually fudge date night by watching Netflix (read: falling asleep to Netflix) on the couch and it works for our current circumstances...but every once in a while it is such a treat to get dressed up and go somewhere fancy. Thanks Rex and Andrea for the tickets and the wonderful double date, it'll be a memory I keep forever and ever.

On our way there, giddier than giddy to be out without babes in that backseat. 

This place seriously is a CASTLE. It's beauty and history blew me away.

At this point I learned that there were no pictures allowed inside and I was trying to make up for it by taking a million selfies! 

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