Saturday, July 8, 2017

Legoland--Ever's Birthday Adventure

Legoland is the perfect place for a theme-park-loving but thrill-ride-hating guy like Ever Knight. This adventure was his big birthday present from us this year (courtesy of free kids tickets we scored in Happy Meals) and since it was all about Ev we went at his pace and followed his lead. Not fighting with him about riding big rides was the best decision we made to ensure happiness abounded, and it didn't hurt that there are only three-ish bigger rides in the whole park. This place really caters to a younger audience. We traded Lego mini figurines, built boats and cars at all the Lego stations, ate yummy treats and rode the kiddie rides to his hearts content. We left with all four of our kids saying Legoland was the coolest place ever and we were the best parents. (So maybe I made that last part up...but I read between the lines and for sure they thought we were the coolest!) But most importantly, Ever left saying it was the best birthday he had ever had--and that means something!

We got there early, early and it was perfect because we could take a couple of pictures and still be in the front of the line for rides. Can you see the excitement on our faces? It's there, yo!

James filled out a survey and was given a free hat and Everett loved it SO much that he wore it the whole darn day. He looks so cute in that little trucker hat!

The kids traded and traded and traded their mini figurines with all of the Legoland employees and I think Quinny won the jackpot. I mean, how cute is that little friend?

Our tickets included Water Park passes and it basically made the day. We spent a few hours there in the middle of the day and it was such a blast! There were a few different water areas within the park and we tried them all.

We somehow talked Ever Knight into going on this ride with James, Quinn and T. The craziest thing was he liked it, though don't think he would do it again!

The big splash that ride made!!!

I'm loving all the family photos we got out of this trip.

We're feeling nostalgic for NYC and luckily Legoland fed our hungry hearts. Well, kind of.

Quinny was totally excited to see a girl ninja (Niya) even though Everett was a little grumpy about her actually being a ninja. (She's totally a ninja!!!) 

These three were so darling going on rides together. Can't wait until Coco is snug next to Evie.

Legoland's infamous apple fries with vanilla cream are good, but TBH save your calories for a real donut, or real fries, or a real apple for heaven sake.

And that's a wrap, Legoland. Thanks for the fun. And happy birthday one last time to Everett!

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