Saturday, July 1, 2017

Descanso Gardens

Summer is in full swing around here and I am LOVING every single last second of it. Last summer we were on a little bit of house arrest after sweet Cora was born and while we are so happy she came, it really put a hold on our adventures. But this summer, oh this summer! We are making every moment count and those four little ducklings are just following me around this awesome, beautiful city. 

Tuesday's are field trip days with a big group of our friends and it's one of the highlights of my week (that, and beach day Friday's, Thursday swim lessons, splash pads on Monday and Wednesday's at the library or museum or whatever other adventure comes up). That just about covers it, no?! I LOVE SUMMER!

OK, so our first week back we went to Descanso Gardens. It was hot and we needed a slurpee at the end to re-energize us but the kids were climbing trees and taking hikes and smelling flowers and I got to sit back and enjoy. 

She was still new at walking at this point and it was darling watching her toddle around the gardens. I love this meek little friend and how easy it is to bring her along on adventures. She's the best. 

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