Monday, July 10, 2017

God Bless America, Land That I Love

Our next installment of The Wigs Become a Hiking Family finds us in the Pacific Palisades on the 4th of July, attempting to conquer a mountainous 5 mile hike on the Paseo Miramar trail. Spoiler alert: we were victorious!

We learned a few things: 
1) Everett will complain if we go on a .5 mile hike or a 5 mile hike so we might as well go the distance. He hates it the whole way but is proud as heck when we're done. 
2) Quinn can walk for miles if Daddy's not there. If he is, chances are she'll cry and beg and whine until he carries her on his shoulders the whole darn way. That girl has that guy wrapped I tell ya!
3) Those book ends of ours are so pleasant--T being ever positive and energetic and Cora content to just kick it in the pack for hours. Bless them.
4) Next time we need to pack double the water. A water bottle per child is not enough when it is used as bait to get them up each and every switchback.
5) On this trail especially, we were an anomaly for bringing our brood and praised as such. If ever we need a good self-esteem boost, on this trail with these kids we will go! 

We started really early so there was still a lot of coastal clouds but by the time we reached the top (pictures below) most of it had burned off. The kids really enjoyed seeing the clouds too, especially when we climbed higher than them!

The video of me asking: Do you like hiking? And him yelling: NOOOOO! at the top of his lungs may go down as my favorite of his childhood. Oh Ever Knight, what are we going to do with you?!

Peanut butter sandwiches with a view!

At the summit our family huddled and did a loud "Team Wigginton" cheer which resulted in our fellow hikers giving us a round of applause! That hike was hard, but Wigginton's can do hard things (especially when they work together). I hope they always remember how amazing it feels to accomplish something they once thought impossible. 

After a shower and some quiet time we got dressed in our patriotic best and headed over to a BBQ with a bunch of other families from church. There was a bounce house, three pinatas, more food than I can even begin to describe and after partying for hours at the ball field we watched hundreds of firework shows from the quiet steps of the temple. If there could have been a better holiday I don't know where I would have found it. I'm so grateful for my family, our country's freedom, and the opportunity we had on this 4th of July to celebrate both. 

His face in this picture makes me laugh so hard. Take that emoji pinata!!!

I think they were just a little excited about the candy and prizes, what do you think?

We love America!

Quinny's first sparkler.

And Coco's first sucker! Both important firsts, amiright?

Gone are the days when this little one is too afraid to get his face painted and opts for work on his arm. He was pleased as punch with his Spiderman mask and I just can't believe how big he's getting. Boy do I love him!

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