Friday, July 7, 2017

Lady Liberty at Nursery

We were driving to Costco this week and I was giving a grumpy Quinn the details of our route in hopes to stimulate the smart, happy part of her brain (and turn off the angry part!)

"First we'll turn left on Sepulveda," I said. "And then we'll drive, drive, drive until we get to Washington, where we'll take a right. And then before you know it, there's Costco!"

I looked back in my rearview mirror just in time to see a huge smile flash on Quinny's face and hear her say, "Oh, I wearned about him in my cwass. I wearned about Washington at my Nursery!"

I had oohed and ahed over her cuteness when she walked out of Sunday School dressed like Lady Liberty, and I even snapped a picture on my favorite white wall before hopping in the van, but I had forgotten to ask her what she had learned from her wonderful teachers--my loss, for sure! Luckily our little trip to Costco gave me the opportunity to pick up the slack. Now I know what my sweet two-year-old was taught and my heart could not have swelled bigger with patriotic pride.

Knowing that George Washington is "a vewy impotent man" feels like the right place to start in Quinny's scholarship of US History, and I'm so grateful for Sister Haze and her team that planted that love of country in her heart.  

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