Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Root, root, root for the DODGERS!

A friend of ours was celebrating a birthday and her BFF offered to throw her a party at the ball field in order to promote his new ticket-buying app which is how the Wigs landed themselves at a Dodgers vs. Royals game in the Coca Cola Pavilion for freeeeeeeeeee. I love free so hard. I also love baseball games with friends and warm summer nights. So basically #winning!
To be honest I was too busy wiping the sweat off my neck, chatting with friends and drinking nacho cheese to watch the game (until the 10th inning when things got exciting). Were I to have watched the game though, these were our seats. 

The Coca Cola Pavilion seats are all-you-can-eat seats and us Wigs take the free food thing very seriously. That right there was all for James, you should have seen T's load. I kid, I kid! That was enough food for a family of six (better known as a small army!)

Funnest. Girl. Ever! She cheered and clapped and ate her Dodgers dog and cracked them peanuts! This one knows how to party and basically IS the party everywhere we go. 

It didn't take long before we were welcoming friends into our row to hang out with the boys. It started like this...

...and before long it looked like this. A few minutes later James and I were kicked out of our row altogether because kids were swarming in and totally took over. I'm so glad for the great group of kids surrounding my own. I love them all!

This cheesy picture had me reflecting hardcore on this one. How in the world does time go by so quickly? That little Coco of last year was darling, but this toddler Coco is the funnest! So glad we get to keep this sweet thing forever. 

Talmage and James informed me that we're still Mets fans first, but since they were only playing the Royals we were Dodgers fans next. No matter who we cheer for it's so fun doing it with these folks.

Winning dabs for our winning Dodgers! More games yet to come for us this season? I hope so!

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